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1431: Don’t Blame Ellen

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, airline problems, golf balls in hash browns, Michigan passes new law, blaming Obama, Nbecki, Fox discrimination suit grows, dude pees on a police car, woman buys a duck, mop wearing man and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mack

    It is infuriating watching the 2 lazy narratives in the media this week:

    1) “the Obama didn’t build the bench” argument doesn’t make sense with all of the folks that distanced themselves from him and that didn’t spend any time whatsoever championing their legislative and policy advancements. If they had been repeatedly explaining the benefits of Obamacare and other policies, then maybe they’d be viewed more positively. Instead, they got all mealy mouthed and supremely ineffective.

    2) “The liberals are trying to police free speech” thing that’s going on with Ann and Poppadopolis and others that are out here trying to book appearances at colleges. I truly believe that they are just trying to provoke attacks so that they can denigrate liberal spaces, and I wouldn’t put it past them to be the ones actually setting up the attacks so they can look like victims. You’ve seen them set up fake black social media profiles, so this wouldn’t be beyond them. And I really don’t understand why institutions of higher learning should be required to put poorly sourced or unresearched bigoted information out as fact to impressionable young people in the interest “fair and balanced, hear both sides” debate. It is good to have conservative thought presented, but this is not what we’re talking about. These are folks with fake talking points stated as fact in an attempt to gin up the worst in people and feed previously uninformed biases. Telling them that this stuff is legitimate is the opposite of encouraging vigorous and serious debate. I would only want them on the campus with the clearly posted caveat that these are faux-intellectuals, there is no data supporting them, and they are hear for your base amusement only.

  2. Greg S.

    When Rod said Chico T sounded like the third member of Camp-Lo AND the did the Geechie Suede voice…I lost it!!! Coincidentally the comment caused me to listen to Uptown Saturday Night in its entirety. So win/win

    Keep it going from a regular listener and reoccurring donator.

  3. TanyaW42

    I didn’t read the interview with Rachel Dolezal because I just couldn’t take any more of her foolishness (and I’m white!), but I’m glad Rod read it on the show.

    I’ve learned so much about black people and the black experience just from listening to TBGWT and Three Guys On, so I’m totally befuddled by how someone who wants so desperately to be identified as black, has worked at the NAACP, and presumably surrounds herself with black people can be so damn tone deaf.

    I think Ijeoma Oluo hit the nail on the head, it’s just another form of white privilege.

    Thank you as always Rod and Karen for the excellent podcast.

  4. D Ramsey PhDone

    Love, Love, Love my weekend podcast from the coolest Dynamic Married Duo!

  5. MK Brown

    Why is it that Hillary is solely responsible for her lost, while Obama is responsible for everyone else’s?

  6. Anne

    Also, Ellison and Perez should both know better since they each belong to groups that will be hurt by the same people they are trying to attract.

  7. Anne

    Yes, the whole “Obama didn’t do anything” story is the Democrats trying in vain to get the white male vote back.

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