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1432: Send Some Flowers

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Rod and Karen discuss Jesse Williams divorce, sperm smuggler, picking the cleanest toilet, Navy SEAL porn star, PETA protests Kelly Rowland, Instagram ads, eating at your desk, “Stealthing”, Shea Moisture messes up, New Orleans confederate monuments coming down, Captain America, Brooke Hogan deals with some “racism”, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    I almost wrecked my car on the drive when you said there were communities for Stealthing. Communities dawg! That shit right there is another reason why I wonder why women mess with men AT ALL. We men really are the worst.

  2. EvieE

    My biggest problem with the Shea Moisture debacle is the fact that they haven’t learned their lesson. They’re thanking people like Tariq Neeshid for ‘supporting’ them, and liking and retweeting comments that defend them instead of just saying sorry and taking that L. I do like how it works in my daughter’s hair, but I can find other products because I’m done with them. Fuck them.

  3. TanyaW42

    Rod, was that “I Can’t Wait” by Nu Shooz that you started to play for White People News?!? Damn, that’s one of my favorite songs of all time!

  4. MadSanity

    On how the Royal family gets their money, The Royal family surrenders all of the profits from the Crowns Estate (all of the property and buildings owned by the office of the crown that is not associated with any specific lower titles), and receive 15% (~$50 Million) of those profits to pay for the upkeep of the estate. They also own about 70 square miles of mixed use lands which give them about $22 Million in pocket money for the family. The Queens personal inheritance is about $415 Million along with several other estates throughout the UK.

    Prince William (Wills) and Kate are covered under a separate holding, the Duchy of Cornwall, have a typical annual income of in excess of $40 Million. This also does not count the individual professions or roles the Royal family serve as heads of state or governmental emissaries.

    Basically the Royal Family used to own everything, and the Government and large portions of the public pay them rent to use their land. Not quite, but sorta.

  5. Alex

    Feels like Shea Moisture was starting to feel ashamed of the blackness of their product as they grew in popularity (could just be me, but it was starting to seem like the Shea Moisture shelves were getting larger and more ubiquitous). The apology didn’t feel like enough to take that back. As Karen said, they had plenty of opportunities to see the problems with the ad ahead of time, and it aired anyway. This says similar mistakes could easily happen again. And the damage is already done. I did a google search looking for alternatives and found a page called We Buy Black and looked at their listings for hair care. Looked like a lot of good options but I’m curious what kind of experience other people have had on websites like these. Hopefully Shea Moisture straightens things out (terrible pun not intended), but it’s good to know there’s other options, especially beyond the racist “do it yourself” bullshit.

  6. Anonymous

    Queen Karen and Prince Rod are mmmmmmm….goood! Five Stars

  7. Arian

    On the topic of “stealthing”, I am so disgusted that there are men who actually think that is “okay” or comparable to women poking holes in condoms. What is wrong with men and why do they disrespect us so much? There is no excuse or reason for a man to remove a condom during sex without consent from your partner. With all this stuff going on with men pushing women onto subway tracks and shooting them at work and killing people because they feel “rejected”. With 45 in office, I already felt scared for my life as a black woman, but there’s also an added layer of fear of men, period.

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