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BDS 204: Draymond The Coach Now

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Melo and Lala, Big Baller Brand, ESPN lay-offs, Larry Bird resigns, Corey Davis, Wade, Raptors, Penn State official sentencing, Antonio Brown hears God, Popovich tips, Pat Riley, Willie Taggart, Caleb Brantley, Josh Gordon sued over paternity, NBA catfish, Aaron Hernandez update, Serena Williams baby racism, Louisiana Lafayette football theft, Adrien Broner, Jeff Sentell, Goodell hates weed, Steve Francis baby mama wants him arrested, Joel Berry returning, Landon Rice, Bulls fans want Hoiberg fired, Kobe, Ciara and Russ have baby girl, NBA fan votes, Jeremy Lin, Mama Beal and a racist basketball team.


  1. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Karen, Rod and J. Schilling

    Those puns were hilarious! Yes, last week was too soon but this week y’all had me cracking up. Justin, I accept your apology.

    OHHHH so it was DeonBmore talking trash!!! I’m not going to lie, I can’t even trash talk. Because my teams have such a trash history, I never got good at it and would get personal. For example, back in the day A&T and SC State used to have the battle at the border football classic in Charlotte (y’all were probably in middle school) – A&T wasn’t very good. One year I messed around and got tickets on the SC State side. They were giving me such a hard time about A&T’s football team. What did I do? I started talking about their academic programs and how most of those mofos talking trash couldn’t get a good job after graduating. I can go a few rounds but after awhile I take it there. My ex is a Bucs fan and I may or may not have talked about the fact that he doesn’t know his daddy after he went too far talking about my Falcons. So no, I can’t get in a trash talking battle with DeonBmore but I can say – I wear my Falcons gear every week and… Why didn’t you invite a sista to the cookout mofo?!?!?

    NBA playoffs – I’m glad the Spurs bounced back from the ass-whooping the Rockets handed to them in the first game. I’ve always liked the Spurs but I fear they aren’t going to make it the the conference finals. I hope the Wizards can beat out the Celtics. It’s not looking to good for John Wall and crew. Not that I’m a Wizards fan but I dislike anything that comes out of Boston. I would like a Cavs/Rockets finals but I’m thinking the Warriors might be in it.

    Speaking of Boston, I’m glad the city got exposed – again. Of course there are people saying Adam Jones was lying but those of us that have been there know – that place is racist AF.

    I hate I’m going to miss y’all live again this week. I’ll be somewhere having a much needed margarita. I’m not saying I’m celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but I will be celebrating the margarita specials offered on this fine day.

    Have a great show!

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Rod & J-Zach Smith!
    Thanks guys for shedding insight on the disdain for, “the father’s Ball” and his interest in his sons success. If Kanye can produce a high end shoe and sell it, why not another upstart. It’s great that someone has decided to capitalize on themselves an not another company dictating to the athletes on brand building.placement.
    Also, you guys called it on Boston. Only in baseball where the money and contracts are ridiculous and times, so are the fans. Gary Sheffield mentioned this years ago. Instead of baseball fan mad at black Americans, their becoming irate at Latin players not “playing the right way.”

    Great work guys,


  3. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & Javar Ball

    I was rooting for Big Baller Brand, but $495 for some sneakers my nigga? Lavar done lost his mind. You said that the shoe design might be hot, but they proved otherwise.

    I’m not sure how the NBA works, but I know from working on shit with brands and the NFL that if you don’t have an agreement with the league they make you tape up logos and shit on your cleats, accessories etc. Hopefully Lavar has something worked out with the NBA. It would add insult to injury if Lonzo had to not only deal with the ridicule of balling in some Air Memes but also had to cover up the logo as well.

    And as a Baltimore Orioles and Adam Jones fan, fuck Boston. Props to Adam Jones for speaking out and continuing to help the memory of Ray “Coon” Lewis fade from my memory.

    Continue to Ball out and keep the shows coming.

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Boston

    How many stories have y’all had about Boston freaking out when people talk about how racist it is there? This is like Baylor being mad folks keep bringing up all the rapes they covered up. But it’s alright, they gave my man a standing ovation and a pepsi the next game. Everything is forgiven. Fam, we’re in America of course your city is racist. This country is racist, but too many folks think it just comes down to personal failings that you can place yourself above instead of the structures of our society. Better not let them hear Justin’s jokes, they’re gonna be in the fastlane to show they protect Isiah Thomas at all costs.

    And y’all talked about that Big 3 league, just saw Charles Oakley is going to be a player coach and on the same team with Stack Jack. Nigga yes! I am in. I just need Starbury to come back from China midseason. Any ex-players y’all would want to see trying to get some run?

    And did y’all see Lala at the Met Gala? Bruhhhhhhhhhh. And she was wearing jewelry on every finger BUT her ring finger. And subtweeting Melo on instragram. I know my man was sitting home sick!

  5. Darienfoxx

    Hey Rod and J. Balls Deep Sports,

    Come on y’all. Chill with the jokes about Isaiah’s sister. This shit has gotten out of control, and if you don’t stop, it’ll be hard to pry you out of this situation.

    I don’t cape for Steven A, but people need to stop coming for that man’s salary. He obviously gets paid per syllable. That’s why his salary is so high. I’m sure he also gets a bonus every time his voice goes over 100 decibels.

    Also, I’m not a NFL Draft guy, but I just realized that the same Chicago Bears that took Mitchell “2 Touchdown” Trubisky also took Matt Glennon. I feel bad for Bears fans. But at least now you have a really interesting decision to make. Here’s the scenario. It’s 4th and 10. Your team needs a first down, and you have Matt Glennon or Mitchell Trubisky. How soon can you leave to beat traffic?

    love the show,

  6. jamielscorpio

    Good job Justin grabbing the wheel from Rod and steering the coversation in the right direction. I could tell Rod was about to lose control. Right before a big balls deep

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