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SMR 128: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Rod and Karen discuss the latest trailers, our review of Guardians Of The Galaxy and listener feedback for Sleight.


  1. Luckedout

    I watched GotG2 late and by myself due to some bad planning, but I didn’t want to miss it in theatres. It was a Monday audience and I had gotten off work, and I realized that I wasn’t in the right mindset to enjoy it because I thought it was okay to meh.

    There were several scenes where characters laughed and if you’re not laughing too, then it feels long and forced. Comedies pause for laughter so you can enjoy the joke before they move on, so the Taserface bits and when they were popping around 700 times lost me from jump and I got bored with it. It’s like those movies that are better if you’re high. My MCU fangasm reserves were running low before it started, so I’ll catch it again later to see if I like it better.


    What a blast this movie was. I still think GOTGV1 is a little bit better because its plot is tighter, but GOTGV2 stands on its own. So many characters had good to great character arcs, including Yonda & Ego. Michael Rooker & Kurt Russell were strong in their respective roles. I did enjoy the Quill-Ego plot. Was it slower than some of the others? Yes, but it had this buildup of something grand & I really enjoyed how that whole thing was resolved. Batista is a riot, man. I knew he had it in him to be as funny as he was & he delivered. He & Pom Klementieff’s Mantis had great scenes together. Karen Gillian’s Nebula was great here, too; &, I look forward to her roles in future Marvel films. Awesome film.

  3. Forest

    Hey guys, just a quick point of information, Kraglin, the guy with Yondu’s arrow, is James Gunn’s brother. Dude will undoubtedly be in the next film. Maybe not with a big role, but he’ll be there.

  4. Anonymous

    I completely agree with your review of GOTG2. The music was shoehorned in and didn’t feel as organic a soundtrack as in the first one, but I loved it anyway. It’s also nice to watch a MCU movie without having to know nearly a decade of MCU PHASES. As an old school head, I am feeling Kurt Russell’s second act in this flick anf Fast 8. Glad i went premium. All the content is great. You stay on your grind. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree completely with your review of GOTG Vol. 2. I was so looking forward to the banging and organic soundtrack like Vol. 1 had. I also like that GOTG2 was just a good stand alone Marvel movie. We’re 10 years deep into the MCU phrases. Sometimes you just want to see a movie that doesn’t have a lot of history or backstory to it. And, as an old school head that grew up on Kurt Russell action flicks, I’m thoroughly enjoying his second act in this movie and Fast 8.

    FWIW, Drax is my favorite character because his humor and lack of filter reminds me of me 10 year old daughter.

    Loving the premium content, so glad I finally ponied up. Kudos to your constant grind.

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