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1438: Raining 100’s

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Rod and Karen discuss the Obama’s donate 2 million in Chicago, Chris Rock’s new stand up, James Deen, troll bakery, Obama’s dating history suddenly coming up, free speech racism, racism in schools, college racism, Tomi Lahren wants to be a race warrior, dolls of color, Hawaiian shirt racism, tipping while black, student protest over racism, principal racism, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, faux Hillary, comic-con pedo, rapper meme and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I feel that guy’s pain about tipping and having worked in the restaurant industry, I consider myself a decent tipper. Always 20 percent for decent service and 25-30 for great service and 15 for subpar service because I know how hard it is for services. I’m so conscious of the stereotype of blacks because when I worked at a restaurant, most of the servers would get mad if black people were sat at their tables and then they’d take their sweet time waiting on them. To top it off, if the tip was less than stellar, they would say, “see, black people don’t tip” But i’ve seen it on both sides, I’ve seen servers give subpar service to black customers and complain about not getting tipped and then I’ve received horrible service which always makes me wonder if this server is having a bad day or is it because I’m black. I’ve gotten to the point where even though I may leave a small tip even for bad service, I always ask to speak to a manager. Why should I spend the same money everyone else is and get inferior service? It’s a catch 22 sometimes. Most of these servers who complain about blacks not tipping don’t realize that we notice their negative attitudes when they’re waiting on us. And some of them do realize it and just feel that they don’t have to make the effort. Don’t be afraid to speak up because you are paying for a service. But wait to complain after you get your food because you don’t want to get a loogie in your mash potatoes.

  2. rogersjtre13

    I hope I dont get too much backlash from the TBGWT family and freinds but that white “I love myself” cover was kinda good.

  3. Anonymous

    The covers are funny and terrible. But they usually prompt me to go listen to the original song.

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