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1439: Negrocon 2017

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. H.C.

    I heard feedback show a couple of days late and missed out on the tickets, and I am OFFENDED. Last year we got to see Rod and Karen at the meetup after AwesomeCon. This year, the money changed them. You know who else charges in order to hear them speak live? That oligarch Barack Obama.

    I’m contacting Tavis and Cornell West, and we’re gonna speak out against this Dear Brother Con.

    Anyway, here’s hoping everything goes well this year, and I’m gonna start camping out in line waiting for next year’s tickets like they’re releasing some rare Jordans.

  2. FalconsDiva

    On tipping – when I order takeout, I typically tip up to a rounded amount. For instance if my bill is $17.57, I may tip the extra $2.43 to make it an even $20. At more casual places (Moe’s, Chipotle) I just put my change in the bucket if there is one. But I never feel obligated to tip if I’m not being served. Recently, I went to eat at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. We sat on the patio and it was windy. When I signed my check with the tip, I placed in that tray that they bring the check in with the pen and put something on top of it so it wouldn’t blow away. I always write the tip amount and sign the customer copy as well. It took longer than usual for the full charge to show up on my card so I started to get a little nervous. I feared they didn’t see the signed check with the tip… I was fully prepared to go back up there and talk to the manager to clear my name. I was NOT about to be branded as someone who didn’t tip. Thankfully the full amount posted to my card and I did not have to make that trip but I had to laugh at myself for even thinking about it. Just another example of how we stress ourselves out about the ‘black people don’t tip’ stereotype.

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    Super excited about you all presenting and sharing at Negrocon-DC! Maybe next year for me!

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