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1443: Cooning Across Cultures

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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss atheism, cramps, Will Ferrell, Samuel L Jackson, cooning across cultures, Djimon Honsou, Karen’s work issues, basketball wives, LHHATL, eating cake made of things, reality show news and the ATL Orgy chick discusses sex vs violence.

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  1. EvieE

    You guys spoke to me about how they try to get you in corporate America especially if you’re a black person. I can’t tell you how many times a white person was concerned because I was talking to other black co workers. My last job was awful but what they didn’t know was that I had a side hustle and that shit started mattering less and less to me and that seemed to set them off. The final straw for me was when they made me cut my maternity leave early even though they knew I’d delivered my child 16 weeks early and she still had medical issue. By that time, I was making the same at my side business as I was at that job so I went back with a smile on my face and handed in my notice. There were so many meetings asking me what they could do to keep me on because they were so short staffed. I basically told them, I’d rather spend time with my child and this job isn’t worth the stress. Leaving that job was the best decision of my life and I know we can’t all escape but my advice is to make sure you keep a paper trail because I think when they knew I stopped giving a damn was when they got much nicer.

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