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BDS 206: Kyle Lousy

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Lebron invites Drake out, Mets sex toy pic, Melo on La La’s instagram, Dat Zingis was hacked, track and field coach accused of rape, Chris Bosh porn mansion, Melo, Kevin Olsen accused of rape, Dr. Phil, Cousins, Barkley, Hernandez innocent, Lavar Ball talking shit, Micheal Oher drunkenly attacks Uber driver, Dez Bryant drives to wrong stadium, Viking sign Floyd, Frank Clark, coach interviews in NBA games, Celtics fans, Josh Gordon not reinstated, Cam Newton, Kaep can’t get a call, Lonzo Ball and Lin got hit with racism in NCAA.


  1. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & J. Lavezzi (Argentinian soccer star that mocked Chinese people)

    Do you think Lavar is going to transition to be a full on heel for the mainstream media (white people) since he went at it with that white woman on Colin Cowherd’s trash ass show? Shit is all laughs and giggles until you start making white women uncomfortable. Some of the shit he was saying was problematic as hell, but white men get to do that all that time and prosper. Hopefully he gets that 3 Billion he’s looking for. It would be hilarious if the Lakers traded that pick and Lonzo ended up going to Philly or somewhere else.

    Can we just fast forward past the Conference finals to the NBA Finals? I don’t want Lebron, KD or anybody twisting an ankle in the midst of blowing the Spurs or the Celtics. If Kawhi was healthy I’d still want to see the Spurs vs. Warriors but I doubt he’s gonna have that ankle 100% for the rest of the series.

    I would really love for Kaepernick to end up on Seattle. His game is close enough to Russ where it would be a good fit and that team would have one of the most amazing collection of black personalities in sports that I can remember. It makes no sense why that nigga doesn’t have a team yet.

    Lastly fuck Baylor, how has that football program not been given the death penalty?

    Peace out.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Cromartie

    My man having ANOTHER kid?! This is his fourth one since he got a vasectomy! What kinda super sperm is this man working with? And speaking of working you know his ass is gonna try to get back in the league this year. Fourteen kids, shit him and Philip Rivers are gonna start a team by themselves. We talking about balls deep!

    Rod been responding to Lavar Ball twitter trolls so long, he’s taking my CP3 agenda seriously. Of course I have to defend my man Melo, Chris Balls is the only banana boat dude I can clown for the on the court failure. You think this is about actual basketball conversation? I don’t give a fuck about athletics! Melo out here on LaLa’s instagram trying to get that old thing back, my star of the future Porzingis about to risk it all in the DMs, my petty needs something to feed on. Let me have this!

    And I know you’re gonna cover it but fuck Baylor. People talking about the NCAA violations, these niggas need to go to jail! These are crimes and I swear they get worse every week. All in the name of a religious institution too.

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