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1446: FOMOsexuals

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Rod and Karen discuss fighting off a cold, Mr. Church, some of Rod’s random thoughts, KRS-One flubs Beasty Boys name, TV ratings are down, Mo’Nique, Thailand vs Facebook, Pope Francis, Miss USA controversy, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I pulled a muscle in my stomach laughing so hard from your Mr. Church review. Makes me want to stop calling people coons and calling them Mr. Churches instead. Thanks for saving me two hours of my time because I did plan on streaming it now I’ll pass.

  2. Anonymous

    Grr I sent my comment incomplete.
    Anyway leave it to Rod to make a crummy movie into a hilarious cathartic review. I’m just gonna go ahead and tell everybody Mr. Church is terrible since I suffered through it vicariously.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m pleased to see comments about how great the Mr. Church review was. The trailer made it seem terrible but I never stop hoping Eddie Murphy will do something great again, so… I may have been inclined to watch it someday. Thanks to Rod that’s a nope.
    Leave i

  4. reallydarkknight

    Rod said that we don’t have a term for women who have ‘Sexual Addiction.’ Do we need a new term for that? Harlot, Jezebel, Ho, Nasty, Freak, Whore and Hussy are names women are called and don’t need to have sex with anybody to be called it.. Women are not allowed to have sexual addiction. Really they aren’t allowed to have sex except with their husbands. And you are right, they’re never allowed back into Hollywood or society if they said that they were. Do you think a man would have to close his Instagram or Twitter account if he says he has Sex Addiction? Now imagine a woman’s account if that were to happen.

  5. Elle

    Loved that prom dress segment!!
    I’m a bride on a budget, so I took a chance an ordered my dress from an online Chinese Bridal dress shop. I’ve seen plenty of these horror stories and luckily it didn’t happen to me. My dress turned out kinda great! I just needed to get it taken in.

  6. B

    As soon as I heard Tevin I said to myself “They must not know about that Prince.” and then I heard the guitar fire up on the clip…and that’s the story of how Rod and Karen turned me out for 5 minutes while I was cooking dinner. Prince might have wrote that song for Tevin but he is the only one who can sing it! I just saw The Revolution live last night so I’m a little sensitive. Okay, now I have to restart this episode because I got all the way distracted.

  7. Langston

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I liked ya’lls comments on anime. I recently started rewatching Inuyasha and I’ve been noticing that it seems like half the time the two main charachters are yelling the others name. It’s got me yelling at my TV like
    Shoot a damn arrow!! Stop shouting Inuyasha’s name and FIRE. A. DAMN. ARROW!! BE HELPFUL!!

    Ya’lls show is great and I constantly enjoy it

  8. Cappadonna

    My wife lives for reality TV and sitcoms, particularly clean family shows. Date Night is “Modern Family”, “Black-ish” and spaghetti. I know she had a bad day at work when I come and there’s a Moesha or A Different World Marathon.

    And even Mrs. Cappa’s super clean cut comedy standards, she didn’t watch that nonsense. That dumbass Last Man Standing was boring. It was on Friday, which means it was knocking on Heaven’s Door anyway. And frankly, it was ‘Home Improvement’ starring Archie Bunker. His jokes are stale and borderline racist.

  9. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    The unofficial Mr Church “review” was hilarious. When it came out in the theater there was no way I was going to see that shit but I figured I might check it out on cable maybe. Now that movie is definitely on my “DO NOT SEE” list. So thanks to Rod for making the sacrifice….lol


  10. Byron Taylor

    Hey Rod and Karen. I appreciate you playing the Prince version of “Shhh”. The studio version is on The Gold Experience album which is on Tidal for streaming. I stumbled across the his version when I downloaded the album because it has two of my favorite Prince songs on it: “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and “I Hate U”. The moment I heard Prince drop the “Do you after school like some homework”, I knew Tevin had no business singing that song. His guitar solos and the drums are fire too! Love you guys! Peace!

  11. lagoveb

    Rod thank you for your Mr Church movie recap. You sounded disgusted, hurt and insulted – exactly my emotions when I watched the ‘film’. Hate is a strong word to use for fictionalised characters, but I hated Charlie and her mother – they were incredibly selfish and ungrateful.

    A friend recommended the movie to me – I admit that I now look at him in a new light.

    Have you read the user reviews on IMDB? People love it! Guess the race!

    Anyhoo I just want you know, I was nodding and laughing in agreement.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK, you, Karen and Justin.

  12. Anonymous

    Prince did record a version of break it down in not sure what album it was on but I got it back to back with the tevin on a old mix tape. The kind we use to make putting tissue in the holes on the cassette tapes so we could record over them

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