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PG 96: How’d I Do?

Rod and Justin discuss using the bathroom, high school bands, college diplomas, Hotep documentary, RHWATL, LHHATL, BBWLA and Animals


  1. rodimusprime

    Rod I hope you read this email on pregame it’s my first time writing in. Hey Justin Kenya Moore. Anyway I need you post this in reality TV news. I know you not gonna play the whole thing but this shit was epic. KK went fucking in pm the dragging of Tommy. I’m talking Auntie, momma,OG TRIPLE OG STYLE.

  2. April

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    Rod was talking about how a cat stared at him through his window in his home a week or so ago.

    I have a scarier story, I was getting out of my car one morning at work and it’s still dark out. I open my back door to get my jacket out and I see something moving in my front drivers seat. I immediately screamed and saw it was a cat walking seat to seat in my car!!! The thing wasn’t even scared and took its time getting out of car!

    The next day I did the same thing by opening my back door and leaving my drivers side door open to get my jacket out, but this time I looked around …I saw another cat sitting on the ground waiting to jump into my car!

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J. Fallon

    Come through Rod! You finally supported these black women with Justin
    and I and watched housewives. Yall said exactly what I was thinking,
    Porsha used her superpower of stupidity to get out of that entire
    incident. Justin you might be right, Kandi seemed to have a small list
    of women she’s messed with and Phaedra wasn’t mentioned. Rod you
    called it too, Apollo and Phaedra are meant to be. Justin have you
    seen the Vibe video from the lady who wrote “Lies of a Real
    Housewife”? I’m sure it’s on youtube but this lady actually used
    Phaedra as her lawyer…and ended up in jail. She spilled some good
    tea. I can’t believe I ever liked Phaedra but she still fine.

    One last housewives story, did yall see the fight between Matt and
    Peter at the radio station? The DJ was a woman so she actually tried
    to stop the fight instead of just looking on like Corey did, but let’s
    just say Peter might want to watch his mouth around dudes twice his

    Last question, are yall thots gonna be rocking these man rompers this summer?

    Peace yall,

    Adrian (AJ)

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