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1447: Officer Cleon Brown

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Rod and Karen discuss Hap and Leonard season 2, Miss USA walks comments back, Chappelle apologizes about Trump, Nicki Minaj didn’t bail her brother out, judge makes sexist ruling in groping case, LA Reid fired, school harasses student over natural hair, police officer finds out he’s black, teacher calls student the n-word, White People News, man threatens to shoot own penis, sperm swapper, woman stabs her boyfriend, woman hits husband with bamboo stick and sword ratchetness.

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  1. D Ramsey PhDone

    Love Rod’s laugh when he read out loud about the officer who discovered he was a portion of negro! I am catching up on all episodes since returning from my trip out west. ***** Stars

  2. Sim T

    You mean to tell me Cleon went his whole life and no one told him he had a black ass name? Is his sister named Tameka Brown? Where did he grow up? I don’t believe him…great episode as always. Keep up the amazing content . 🙂

  3. reallydarkknight

    I need to stop trying to work out and listen to this podcast. People must have thought I was a damned fool. I saw the story of the White officer suing for racial discrimination in my Twitter timeline and kept it pushing. I also thought it was some fuckshit when you read the headline to the story. But I damn near passed out when you said his name was Cleon Brown…Cleon…Brown…Nigga! You mean to tell me no Black folks gave him sideeye when he said his name? I mean C’mon!

    I also noticed like Karen did that the police didn’t dispute they did that shit once they found out he was, ehem, Black. So we see how cops see us…1%, 18% or 100%, you’re all niggers to us. Yes that’s with the hard ‘ER.’ Notice Blue Lives Matter ain’t saying shit about any of this tho.

  4. DatGirlTrina

    That judge is a damn mess. I couldn’t help but think about sex workers who in many states arent allowed to put a value on their services with consent but this judge is putting a value on this victims body as to what he feels is “reasonable” and fair not to the victim but for the boy that assaulted her?… Smdh

  5. TanyaW42

    I am SO GLAD my office door was closed when the Cleon Brown story came on because I was laughing so hard I was crying!! Rod and Karen you rule!

  6. LisaW

    Oh my god!! Karen and the chicken in the waffle cone made me burst out laughing, tears were running down my face. And since I had in earphones everyone stopped and looked but I didn’t care, that made my day. LisaW

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