Okay so if you’re a premium subscriber I had created a new feed for the premium podcasts since 5/2/16. The login information is still the same. This fix is hopefully only temporary until my RSS Feed host gets back to me. If not I’ll have my work cut out for me rebuilding these podcast feeds from scratch. All the options I tried with wordpress plugins didn’t work with the password protection. It just kept rejected any log in attempts and saying “Unauthorized.” If someone knows how to fix this you can hit me up and let me know since I don’t know anything about coding.

Anyways here is the new RSS Feed: RSS Feed For Premium Shows Since 5/2/16 just use the same method you used to do the other RSS Feeds in your apps. Same password and everything. I hope this solves everyone’s problems temporarily since I know how inconvenient it is to be without your automatically uploaded podcasts on the go.

Love you guys and thank you for your support. I’m still working behind the scenes to find a better resolution as well.