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1450: God Says Throw Bricks At White Men

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Rod and Karen are joined by Mel of CSPN Media to discuss social media interactions, teen banned from prom, teen banned from graduation, Texas sex toy law, College-ish, Game of Thrones spin-offs, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, hamburglar police officer, cancer faker, dinosaur woman, a prophet on Earth is jailed and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    What they are doing to that honor student is ridiculous. From the sound of she tried to come for this girl before but the mother intervened and has been looking for a reason ever since. I have a girlfriend who is a vice principle at her school where most of the other administrators and the principle are white and she said that their first response when a kid steps out of line in the slightest is to call the police. The only other black administrator is a black guy who is that school’s version of Ben Carson because he cosigns with all the racist policies. She says when they have the slightest problem with a kid, they do everything in their power to get them kicked out. My friend hates her job and is applying for another one. So I believe this young lady, that principle sounds like she’s been waiting. It’s sad that young black girls are being subjected to this mess about what the wear and how they style their hair. And yet we still managed to succeed and do great things. That’s why they hate us. Black girl magic. Hoping things work out for that young lady.

  2. Monica

    So great to hear Mel every time she’s on the podcast!

  3. WhitleyFBrooks

    Now, I will NOT stand for this REPEATED slander of D’Angelo! I WILL NOT LET THE WHITE PEOPLE HAVE HIM!!! And to let him ruin the sexiest of the sexy songs?!?

    *cries internally*

  4. Mack

    How did y’all do that whole segment on the Texas law and not do a read for your promo with Adam & Eve? Get your coins, playa!

  5. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    It was weird to see dudes who “used” to be ashy who have rebranded themselves as allies and pro feminism leaning black men go full white man (as usual) and pretend how LaVar acted towards Leahy wasn’t sexist or at the very least disrespectful while black women on the TL are saying that his behavior feels sexist.

  6. Anne

    Rod, here is a picture of the principal of the high school that suspended the honor roll student for wearing the off the shoulder blouse. Just saying.

    • csick

      I scrolled down and they have a black woman assistant principal. How much do you think she hates her job?

      • csick

        Also, she has a doctorate but none of the other administrators do…

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