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1449: Slavery Is Bad

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Anthony Animal thug Tatum

    I am from the Cleveland, North Eastern Ohio area and we are covered a lot in stories. I often call Ohio the most northern southern state. The underground railroad might have stop through here but above ground most certainly was racist.

  2. Lenore312

    Hey Rod Hey Karen- That Tizon article made me scrunch my face up like the Waka Flocka Ok? Meme.
    I regularly forgot Tizon was Filipino as I was reading. It was definitely white retroactive remorse. Here’s the thing about culture that made me scrunch my face up. Filipino folks kept saying “It’s very disrespectful in our culture to go against your parents. He was just doing what was normal” EVERY culture has fucked up stuff that is normalized because of culture or tradition. That parent thing could apply to any culture that isnt white. So when Filipino people are defending their culture it’s an odd battle because either way, it was slavery. He knew it was slavery by the time he was an adult. He knew his mother was mistreating her. He knew she had family back home. He knew his family lied about her status in the home. His mother was sick, Eudicia (sp) was still cognizant enough to go home, he didnt hire a caregiver, he let his mother keep “her slave”. He underpaid her to assuage his own guilt (quote: “And just like that I had a slave” when she “didn’t want to” leave HIS home after his mother died.
    He as an adult knew she was enslaved and did the bare minimum to say he “tried”.
    Sorry but he don’t get the Sympathy for being a product of his culture. All of our cultures have fucked up things normalized. Hell black people normalized beating kids, another act from slavery. Just because it is normalized in your culture doesn’t make it okay.
    Just like in TBGWT culture you Rod are trying to normalize those white people music covers. STOP IT ROD!
    love y’all Lenore312

    • Lenore312

      Ok so I called calmed down a bit, I listened just to Code Switch with Gene Demby and they had Alex Tizon’s wife on. There’s a little more effort revealed but it’s still effed up. A serious self realized apology is needed and that didn’t happen, and can’t from Alex Tizon but the siblings are still here and they need to make a muthafuggin statement. You can’t fall back on victimhood because people on the internet are angry at you for being a slaveholder culturally normalized or not.

  3. Anonymous

    Reviewed should have been REVEALED.

  4. think_p_smart

    According to the article below, his lying ass dead daddy is also named Cleon and told him he had Indian in his family. And Cop Cleon only checked his DNA because his daughter had an illness that Blacks typically have. I’m assuming she was diagnosed with ‘da sugguh’. Also, I am pretty sure that before he reviewed his Blackness, his coworkers (and maybe him), said racist crap and Cleon just laughed it off.


    They’re from Michigan so I can imagine his daddy was one of the many we have who were and continue to pass. Cleon, the son and daddy, knew their white was cut with some negro like crack is cut with baking soda.

    • Lenore312

      Probably Sickle Cell, I believe TBoz spoke about how it’s more common for black people.

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