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SMR 129: Alien Covenant

Rod and comedian J-L Cauvin review Ridley Scott’s latest addition to the Alien franchise.

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    Dumbest. Crew. Ever. Those were my thoughts after leaving Alien Covenant. It’s a good thing I sort of enjoyed it, since I had low expectations for it. Michael Fassenbender carries this whole movie on his shoulders and the thing is, he didn’t need to go this hard for it. There were scenes where he was out acting pros like Katherine Waterston & Billy Crudup (both were solid, though) like they were standing still. He’s so good, he even outacted himself, at one point; he’s incredible.

    Covenant script isn’t that good, but a key reason why I was able to allow certain things slide, because I didn’t care for most of these characters. Even supposed smart characters made stupid decisions either out of fear or hubris. I spent most of my time laughing at the absurdity of this movie. Shoutout to JL Cauvin for pointing out the issues in Covenant, because, there’s a good amount of them.

    It’s not as interesting as Prometheus, but I was more entertained by this film than its predecessor. That being said, FOX needs to get rid of Ridley Scott. He’s sabotaging the Alien brand for no good reason other than to please his bloated, racist, arrogant, ego.

  2. Anonymous

    I saw Alien: Covenant and then listened to your recap immediately. I enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t great. The characters were dumb. Some of the acting was stilted, but I did enjoy the fuck out of Michael Fassbender doing the 100% OSCAR ACTING as David/Walter. When you said that someone didn’t tell him that he didn’t have to bring his A game, I burst out laughing on the bus. I think of this Alien movies as a horror movie because the science isn’t really there. I was just there for the screams and jumping.

    My 10 year old daughter is learning to play the recorder. She’s in 4th grade. When she starts to practice, I’m sure enough going to knock that shit out of her hand. “YOU’RE FINGER NOTHING!” lol.

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