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TNO 85: Improbable White Man

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, the new Star Trek trailer, Wonder Woman, Black Lightning, The Crow getting a reboot, home rentals for movies, Marvel TV / movie crossover, Donald Glover getting Deadpool animated series, Stanley Weston dies, Sleepy Hollow canceled, Judge Dredd live action series could star Karl Urban, X-men news, Need for Speed game coming, Wonder Woman ThinkThin tie in, Alien Covenant may get sequels, Kynseed, Agents of Shield Renewed, Diana Lane, American Godz renewed, Obi-Wan movie, The Crew canceled, Kylo baby name, Game of Thrones spin-offs, King Arthur flopped, Micheal Myers movie, send ashes to space, Dark Crystal prequel, Mace Windu getting a comic, Power Rangers might not get a sequel, Box office 2017, The Witcher getting Netflix series, The Mummy box office projections and Xbox One backwards compatibility sale.


  1. Amani

    Patty did that shit!!! Wonder Woman was straight fiyah! And I think we put it to bed with BvS but I want everyone who was questioning if Gal Gadot could pull this off when she was cast to go ahead and publicly apologize. Y’all were right, WB had no idea what they had with this, but I hope this and Captain Marvel start to force studios to trust women directors.

    I’m glad Sony gave a Black woman that Silver Sable/Black Cat movie but I’m still worried they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. I can kinda see that better than the Venom movie without Spider-Man but I just don’t want to see her set up to fail. And Tom Hardy still my nigga, but going from Taboo to this shit… idk fam.

    P.S. I absolutely loved this season but fuck Into The Badlands for that ending. Was writing this comment and just got pissed again.

    Alright y’all appreciate the dope show as always.

  2. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Kriss and Aaron

    I first want to start with a thank you. I recently got back from covering Phoenix comicon and that was my first con getting approved as press and I would have never started my website without listening and being inspired by Rod and Kriss. I know you here it a lot but what all 3 of you do is really amazing and it not only entertains us but inspires some of us to do the same.

    But while at the con I saw some interesting things. They had an Agents of Shield Panel that was suppose to have Gabriel Luna and Ming Na but Ming pulled out because of an injury. During that panel the most noteworthy things were he expects to be back on Marvel tv/movies but didn’t say specifically AoS he also said he would like Norman Reedus to play Johnny Blaze and also that scene with the Doctor Strange portal is connected to Strange and that it almost didn’t happen because of budget reasons. He and the other crew had to fight for it to stay in and it cost $50,000.

    Also I picked up this book Niobe its the first internalionally distributed comic book with a black author, artist and main character. She is basically a bad ass bounty hunter who hunts down slave traders who traffic young girls for the girl families and it talks a lot about gender and race issues. I added a link to an article in vogue about it at the end of this.

    Lastly have you guys played injustice 2 or plan to and if so what do you think?

    I know this was long but thanks for everything again.



    • brandonisbmore

      Just a correction I meant first comic book with a black woman author, artist and main character

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