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BDS 207: Coongrats Sage Steele

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Cromartie having another kid, Baylor in the news again, Soccer racism, Lavar Ball vs Kristine Leadhy, Shaq for Sheriff, Mike Scott drug case dropped, Laras Pippen’s divorcee donk, Udonis Haslem, 72 Dolphins, Brady concussions, Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez, Olynyk, Sara Walsh had miscarriage on air, Eddie Lacy, A-Rod vs Jeter, Lebron sidechick rumor, Beth Mowins, Abby Wombach gets married, Mia Khalifa, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sage Steele promotion, Linda Cohn, Patrick Mahomes II robbed, RG3 engaged and cutting his wife off, Kobe, Goodyear signs with Cavs, Kaep will be in the Smithsonian, Harden suit goes forward, Spurs fan sues Pachulia, Josh Gordon might be broke, security guard pleads guilty, Melo and Lala celebrate Mother’s Day, and Pacman Jones pleads guilty.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and JOdell Becky-em. I hope yall had a great week. I didn’t get a chance to write in last week to defend the honor of those of us Rod accused of watching Barkley’s show… we didn’t watch that show, Rod! We saw a 2 minute clip on Twitter, dassit! LOL. Can’t be out here having folks thinking we sat down and intentionally watched that nigga, “gotta hear both sides” us about police shooting black people. Fuck him. But…There was another 2 minute clip on the timeline of him talking to Richard Spencer, and I did watch it because everyone kept tweeting about how appalled they were with his racism. I had to know what a loud and proud white supremacist could say that would have reputable people so shocked. It was just run of the mill white supremacy bullshit. I think people were so shocked because Chuck looked like a deer in headlights. It was ridiculous. Anyway, I finally saw pics of all those Ball kids, and none of them look like they’re going to be good in the NBA lmao!!! I know we have a few outliers over the life of the league, but most of the niggas who be ballin, look like niggas who would be ballin. They don’t look like it to me, but we’ll see. I know everyone is annoyed with them now because Lonzo won’t work out for Boston. But, can you blame him? Don’t nobody wanna live in cold, racist ass Boston. I wouldn’t give them a reason to wanna take me either. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ball fell to a mid-round pick because these GM’s wanna be a lil petty. Idk how deep the draft is though, and I didn’t watch him or anyone else play in college so my thought that teams might pass on lil dude just cause his dad is annoying isn’t based on anything substantial. Lol Anyway, sorry this was so long. Cavs in 6. Smooches!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jisiah Thomas

    First people call you a quitter after you’ve been playing through the death of your sister and a fucked up hip through this wreck of a series. Then they actually win a game and people start to think the Celtics might be better without you. My man is getting more slander than LaMarcus Aldridge and all he did was be a try hard all year.

    Talk yo shit Justin! You’ve been saying the lack of celebrations is party of the reason ratings have been down for the NFL, and all a sudden Goodell changes course and says touchdown dancing is back. Now, I still don’t think that had much to do with who actually stopped watching, but since when do you need facts to celebrate being right?

    And if Josh Gordon is going broke, best way for him to get a paycheck is Rod’s reality tv show. Josh and Johnny back together again! And somehow Manziel will get to be the good boy with his domestic violence while Josh is the hardened criminal smoking weed. Alright y’all have a good one. Hope you ball out in the name of your father Jeeeeeesus!

  3. Djordan

    craziest thing about the Lavar Ball vs Leahy spout; Big Baller Brand actually DOES have women’s clothing, it’s on their site.

    dude could’ve completely shut down this argument multiple times, but his sensitivity and a lack of savvy really made him look bad this time.

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