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PG 97: Felonious Phaedra?

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, standing while black, LHHATL, BBWLA, Phaedra shady ways, Peter fight at radio station, KK video diss to Tommie, Reality Show News.


  1. memyselfnlife

    Hey Rod and Justin! Just have to say you two always crack me up whether it’s on Pre-Game or Balls Deep. I have honestly listened to nearly every Balls Deep episode 2-3 times. The irony is, I don’t even like sports!

    Anyway, on to why I’m writing in. Justin, you mentioned that you still watch Law and Order (glad to know I’m not the only one still watching it). Have you caught any of the episodes this season? If so have you had any favorites?

  2. J-Full

    What up Rod and Justin just wanted to comment on a topic from an old pregame. The cock cake! When i was a kid about 13 or 14 my sister’s girlfriend used to do those sex toy parties for her girls. One of the ladies was a pastry chef so she’d make these crazy cakes. They would be dicks or naked men or occasionally women. Usually there was cake left over and she’d bring the cakes home. And you know what i did? I ate the fuck outta those dick cakes. Cuz as Rod said, it’s still cake!

    Also that damn Phaedra story was wild. I’ve heard of that car scam before. It’s a lot of damn work. But it looks like they didn’t have enough disconnected pieces. You can get random niggas to do the key and registration stuff for a few hundred dollars. Criminals never think far enough ahead. They never consider the possibility of getting caught, when they know niggas get caught all the damn time smh.

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin? I was catching up on some old Pre-Games, since the feed is fixed now, and I just wanted to chime in on a couple of things.

    Being a former middle school science teacher I can say at my schools the teacher’s bathroom was very clean. It might have been because my principal focused on keeping the teacher spaces nice since the state (Texas) decided we didn’t need pay increases or anything like that. So I would gladly go up there and do the do. Now the downside, was that I could only go on my conference period or on my 22 minute lunch break. Either way it was rushed.Now in this corporate job, a trip to the bathroom is a mini vacation. I also sit near the executives, so the bathrooms are always nice. No more rushing.

    The other thing I wanted to comment on was the fitbit. I have one and I know the feeling of missing those steps Rod. So what I do now is charge on my commute. It allows me to fully charge my fitbit and not miss any steps. I know that may not be feasible for you, but that’s what works for me.

    I’m OK with a professional flag football league. I think it would be a faster pace and less brain trauma. I wonder if that’s why the NFL is playing around with the idea? Do you think that’s what they’re going to start trying to transition to in order to stave off future lawsuits?

    And will either of you be attending Ice Cubes’ big 3 tournament when it comes to Charlotte? I’m thinking about catching it when it rolls through Dallas.

    Alright fellas! Take it easy.

    Orlando (@ogreen32)

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