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1453: No One Likes Arby’s

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, ticket giveaway coming, LGBTQ news, men getting away with sexual assault, Serena joins the board, a bishop accepts a car, Dr. Love goes to jail, The Real talks about Mo’Nique, grandma drunk driving, woman throws brick through car window, teenager burns and pees on ATM and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    Listen…the story about the brother raping his sister and the entire system turning her back on her was too muthafuckin’ much. They all deserve to go to jail. Parents, Judge and brother show how Whiteness and Maleness are king in this country.

    Then you followed that up with another rape story that was just as fucked up. Dis Tew Much!

  2. EvieE

    This Arby’s slander coming from a man who terrorizes us by eating his Kit Kat all cattywampus is just wrong. You have the audacity of a white girl saying she discovered shea butter. Arby’s got the meat and I love every juicy bite.

  3. Monica

    That girl from The Real, Adrienne something is Latina. So I personally feel, as a fellow Latina, it’s fucked up and totally loaded with respectability bullshit for her to say there’s a way to say what Monique said but with class and not as loud. If she don’t get the fu-.
    I’m glad Loni spoke up and made the same point that Rod made about how it was Mo’nique’s own stand up show. On her terms. Ugh. That girl was a mess. 100.

  4. D Ramsey PhDone

    The first 15 minutes of this show were priceless! I love the LGBTQPlus News segment…Queen Karen sings her braces off!!! Super Excited about you two heading to Seattle later this year. I was there last week and its a beautiful city! *****Stars

  5. Jdubya

    I fux with Arby’s… that Grand Turkey Club and the gyros are flames. And I like the buffalo chicken sliders… maybe mainly because there 1.29 a piece and I’m cheap…

  6. BigDaddyD8

    Love the show and have been a listener for years. The story about the white guy who raped his sister and the parents who basically supported him and the judge who said well you know whats a little pussy between family members. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for that little girl to live in that house knowing her brother raped her and her parents basically turned their backs on her and a justice system that said while you know he shouldn’t have done it he also most definitely shouldn’t be punished for it. Unreal but in a country where their president says you know just grab em by the pussy why would the judge lock this monster up and for someone to rape his own sister you are indeed a monster. That Judge should not even be allowed to look at a bench let alone sit on one ever again

  7. t0DDMF

    Listen, Carl Hardee Sr. came back out the Caucus Mountains, to push his white imperialist agenda. Karen referred to that gentrified McRib burger. Although, I’d punish one of them joints and not tell nobody; that’s beside the point. You seen the commercial for it?!? HOW DOES CARLY CARL HAVE THE AUDACITY? THE UNMITIGATED GALL? To run up in that black man place of business and capitalize off his employee’s idea. Now before you say “The man said, I would never put ribs on a burger.” He reserves the right to profit off his employees idea. Intellectual property law be damned. I’m literally shaking right now. #BoycottHardees #NotBeforeYouTryThatShit #YouKnowBlackFolkLoveRibs #Fact:96%ofAllEuropeansAreBornWithTails #WhoTrynaMeetMeAtHardees #NotToProtestButForDinner #CouldBeWorse #CouldveBeenArbys

    Love y’all.

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