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SMR 130: Baywatch

Rod and Karen discuss the newest trailer, review Baywatch and respond to listener feedback on other reviews.


  1. Lance

    This movie was ok, not great. And I felt effed with at various points.

    1. Stephanie (black lifeguard) NEVER wore a two-piece in the movie, like they couldn’t let her be sexy like the other girls.
    2. Of all the people who died in the movie, it was all poc. A latino man (Counselman), black man (Hannibal), and Indian woman (Priyanka).
    3. Also the jokes weren’t all that clever to me, especially The Rock just Callinf Zac Efron various boy band names. It felt lazy.

    Maybe I’m doing the “too woke for my own good” thing, but once I noticed it, i couldn’t unsee it.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    I was surprised by just how much I loved this film. I never had an interest in Baywatch the series and when I saw the trailers for a Baywatch movies, I was like, meh, even with The Rock. I took a chance because I had some free time after running around doing things, so I went to check it out. My ability to get last minute tickets, there were like 30 people in the theatre does not bode well for the film. I agree that Baywatch fans might not like it and the movie would be better off with a different name. Perhaps better promotions would have helped. I thought the opening scene with The Rock coming out of the water carrying that guy should have been the promo. The movie would have sold out just based on trailers and commercials showing that. I also agreee with Rod when he said the pairing of the Zach Efron character and the brunette should not have happened. It was predictable, and sort of encourages inappropriate stalkerish behavior and reinforces the “She’s saying no, but she really means Yes” mantra that encourages creepy guys. The relationship that should have been pushed was The Rock and the actress who played Stephanie. Wonder if it was the brown people in romantic situation fears or concerns that women (specifically white women) might not respond to seeing their coação fantasy paired up with someone prevented the filmmakers from going there. Hopefully positive word of mouth and Wonder Woman selling out, leaving people looking for something to go see will help the film because I really liked it. Karen is right, The Rock’s comedic talents are completely underrated.

    Saw the trailer for The Kingsmen and it looks awsome. Also saw the trailer for Transformers, and as someone who thought the previous movies were stupid (only saw them for kids who wanted to see them( and offensive, and bailed after the second one, and as someone who you would have to pay to see a movie with Mark “The embodiment of white privilege and entitlement, with his racist ass” Wahlberg, I still might be tempted to spend money to see the movie in the theater because that ish looks good.

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