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BDS 208: Seriously Balls Deep

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, McKayla Maroney booty, Diana Tourasi gets married, Vince Wilfork ribs, NFL painkiller suit dismissed, Curt Schilling still racist, James Blake update, Michael Bennett vs Stephen A, Caleb Brantley charges dismissed, Minnesota has another scandal, Le’Veon Bell, Rashad McCants, Michigan State sexual assault, Ayesha Curry rap, T-Wolves might want D Rose, Kim K’s ass man hired by Lakers, HS player outed as gay, Charlotte gets All Star game again, UNC disputes NCAA allegations, Calvin Johnson had concussions, Heat and Bosh agree to part ways, Pachulia, Dave Chappelle, D’Angelo Russell, Gronk ITWAN, Ezekiel Elliot, OJ Simpson could be up for parole, Odell Beckham gets big shoe deal, Shelly Sterling wants Donald’s lifetime ban lifted, Chris Paul might be courted by Spurs, 73 kids returned to college from the NBA draft, Chip Kelly gets another job, NFL getting mobile medical tents, NFL reducing OT to 10 minutes, Cortez Kennedy dies, NFL celebration rules relaxed, La La meeting with divorce lawyers, Adrien Broner, John Wall, Seahawks may have drama, Thomas willing to wait for new contract, Georgia colleges to allow guns at tailgates, Ezekiel Elliott misses practice, New Mexico spending that bread, Josh Jackson has to take anger management, Enes Kanter detained for political beliefs, Kirkpatrick broke hand, Aaron Hernandez behind bars and student fakes his recruitment.


  1. DeonBmore

    What up ya’ll, I’ll keep this one very brief. Not sure if you saw Larsa Pippen on Get Sweaty, which is a show on Complex’s YouTube channel. Nothing earth shattering, just watching her on there working out made me feel bad for Scottie. She was looking delicious. Scottie has to live with the fact that she’ll be hugged up with a rapping/baby mama hating drug addict with half of whatever money he has left. Damn shame.

    Peace out.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jiger Woods

    At least nobody was chasing him with a golf club this time. My man never recovered from that Thanksgiving ass beating. Hell even Magic had a better career after getting exposed for cheating than Tiger. You know it’s bad when Gilbert Arenas is clowning you, and you really don’t have a comeback.

    But shout out to his birthday twin Lebron handling that racist shit like the GOAT he is. That statement was exactly why I side eyed the fuck outta people trying to call him a coon when he didn’t have a statement on demand on Tamir Rice. It’s fucked up he has to deal with this in 2017, let alone the day before the finals but he’s not ducking the platform. That’s a grown ass man and I gotta applaud that shit.

    P.S. Them bars last week were fiyah!!! Balls Deep was already the best sports show around and now got the hottest intro


    I love Balls Deep because you guys are funny AF. It’s like sitting around with my family listening to them talk shit about athletes on field and off field antics.

  4. BigGbengTheory

    This new Balls Deep intro is hilarious

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