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1457: Nas And A Possible

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Rod and Karen discuss Underground getting canceled, Nas and Lauryn Hill tour announcement, Oakland PD has to pay 1 million, Disney employees, bar sign about sexual harassment, Rodrigo Duterte, introverts at work, Hive Attack, noose inside NMAAHC, traffic reporter hair policed, Lebron is the victim of a hate crime, Civil War museum shuts down, black face joke, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, horse sex, coke float, monkey in the purse and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anne

    Rod. The song for WPN (white people news) was the worst yet. Please tell me that you will search far and wide to find us something to top that. I’m thinking an acoustic remake of “Fight the Power” or maybe an aCapella version of “Coon”. I try to not over think things but this phenomenon of remaking rap music as acoustic songs leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It is almost as if the people who like it are trying to tell hip hop fans that they’re wrong. As if the original form of music is inherently wrong and needs to be fixed. The funny thing is that unlike other types of non-white music that have been coopted and remade into “popular” music by white musicians, hip hop music has remained mainly black. And that’s why we have to put a guitar on everything and sing it slowly like we’re at a funeral. Gotta make it accessible to the “right” people.

    Also, I know that Underground is available through Amazon so maybe they will buy the rights. Either way, I think Harriett was too much for them. At least we got two seasons.

  2. btouch

    I’m really sad about “Undergound” being canceled. Between “Underground” and “Empire”, I was hoping for a Smollett family takeover, although Jurnee’s show is clearly better than her brother Jussie’s (so much so Jussie slid his behind onto two episodes of “Underground” and was awesome!)

    As to why BET and OWN might have turned “Underground” down, I can see the streaming deal with Hulu being an issue, and also both of those networks are probably already at the peaks of their original programming budgets for the year (especially BET, which added a bunch of shows this year). It’s a shame; maybe Hulu could pick it up themselves…

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