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BDS 209: Larsa Pippen Is Worth It!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Tiger gets arrested, Lebron gets hate crimed, Trevor Ariza home robbed, man steals on boxer, Pozingis, Chris Paul, Calvin Johnson, Bryan Cox Sr fired, Richard Sherman scholarship, Be Like Gronk, Keenan Allen proposal, Mike Brown, Westbrook is anti-Romper, Takuma Sato wins Indy 500, Margeret Court is a bigot, Melo and La La hold off on divorce, Lebron wants to own an NBA team, Lavar Ball, Nerlens Noel max deal coming, Keisha Knight Pulliam wants that check, Nolan Carroll DWI, Scottie hating on Steph, McGee, Adam Silver news, potential NFL lockout coming, MSU fires suspended staffer, Trump budgets could hurt Title 9, Steve Kerr’s son, Big Baby goes in on Austin Rivers, Barstool sports fat shames Rihanna, Isiah Thomas says Lebron is the GOAT, Jim Jackson on Lavar Ball and Maxim Hamou.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Maher

    Folks out here trying to distract from the real issues, but do you bank Black?! You know who does for sure? Mike Brown! My man is getting paid by both teams in the Finals and is probably gonna scam somebody else into hiring him in the offseason. Get that money playa!

    But really Steve Kerr couldn’t stay gone for another 3 games and let that back rest? He saw that first blowout and decided to hobble his mediocre ass on up to make sure he got a piece of that shine. I know Draymond was pissed when he walked in and saw Steve with the clipboard again. Lebron’s best chance at a comeback is to just start playing up how dangerous the Warriors are when they have Donkey shooting too. Gotta start playing mind games and hope they break apart internally because that offense just has too many weapons.

    And speaking of breaking people up, Chris Rock out here trying to put the dagger between Melo and La La? Now that’s a dude that’s got buy her a building money! I just don’t know why Melo is mad about it, I thought she was married, not him? Can’t be getting mad when you’re the one cheating that broke y’all up in the first place. Were you at odds with Chris?

    Alright y’all peace!

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