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SMR 132: Wonder Woman

Rod and Karen review DC’s latest movie Wonder Woman.



    Wonder Woman is the best film in the DCEU. While I still like Man of Steel a lot, WW is able to showcase Diana’s humanity better in ways that Zack Snyder’s film wasn’t. Patty Jenkins deserves loads of credit for making something that felt opposite of what Snyder & company for their cinematic universe. I did have a problem with the final act, as it felt odd, aesthetically, to the rest of the film. The Amazonian fight with the Germans & No Man’s Land were standouts. Gal Gadot is great here & I feel after her BvS appearance, she got better, acting-wise, for this role, which again, credit to Jenkins. Chris Pine was funnier than expected & I was glad he didn’t Gal’s shine. I was afraid WB was gonna do something stupid with that decision, but I’m glad this movie turned out great. I still think Justice League is in trouble, but at least, this film was well-executed.

  2. FalconsDiva

    I rarely see movies opening weekend, but I had to see this one. I loved it as well. My girls and I fanned out and took pictures with the huge Wonder Woman in front of the theater. Like we had a full on photo shoot. This was possible because we went to a late showing and our old asses had to fight to stay awake, not for lack of action though. Those comfortable reclining seats didn’t help at all.

    Due to the era, I didn’t expect to see many people of color but I LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing the sisters on the island (I’m not going to attempt to spell it and I don’t feel like googling, forgive me). Little Diana was so adorable!

    Previews: I’m excited about Superman and Justice League. I’m meh on the Charlize Theron movie – maybe the discounted first showing of the day.

    Thanks for the review and I’m so excited to be able to comment on a current movie LOL.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Glad you liked Wonder Woman. I thought it was just okay, but I say that as someone who isn’t particularly fond of the first Captain America movie. I loved the subsequent films with Cap in them, but not that one. I think it has more to do with my increasing desire to see blackness represented in all things, and when presented with material without it, the film/television show becomes just alright. Seeing the Justice League preview, I think I will enjoy that and I liked what I saw of Wonder Woman. Or maybe it is origin story films in general, since I generally know the back stories.

    I liked the actress cast as Wonder Woman. I saw some complaints about the casting but I just don’t get it. U loved the opening sequence with the racially diverse Amazon’s and Robin Wright as their warrior trainer (the SC was smart to go back and add to the beginning). I also liked the ending but I called Daddy Weasley as a villain the minute I saw him. Since he is a rather respected British character actor, I knew he wasn’t cast to play the disabled, peace lover with little to do in the film. I do feel the middle was too long (at least twenty minutes could have been cut) and the weakest part of the movie. True thing I love the most is that there is finally a woman superhero on screen as the lead. Hopefully this will pave the way for a black female superhero film.

  4. Luckedout

    I wonder if the promotional campaign was one of lowered expectations. BvS and Suicide Squad got overhyped which didn’t help. This movie deserved the promo dollars though.

  5. Forest

    Quick point of information: Leslie Odom Jr was in Hamilton. He’s been in a couple of other things, but dude is solid. He’s more than a bit actor.

  6. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Why was Karen in my head this morning? I just quoted Yoda this morning – “Fear is the path to the darkside. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering” Karen literally said “Pain leads to anger”. Go ‘head Master Karen!

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