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TNO 86: Far Cry Those White Tears

Rod and Kriss discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been entertained by, Wonder Woman, Sony Spider-man universe, Resident Evil getting a reboot already, Hellboy getting a reboot, Zack Snyder steps down, Roger Moore dies, Matt Reeves wants multiple Batman villains, Manu Bennett wants a Deathstroke spinoff series, Patty Jenkins will be returning, GOTG2 makes more money than the first, Ridley Scott TV deal, the monster universe, Johnny Depp but the kabosh on female villain, Read Dead Redeption delayed, Katie McGrath wants Jason Momoa on Supergirl, Xbox Game Pass, New Mutants will be a horror movie, Street Fighter 2 racism, Justice League Dark, Dragon Age, Nintendo Switch news, John Wick 3, Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon, The Punisher coming to Netflix in November, The Predator finishes shooting, Godzilla vs Kong, Game of Thrones season 8 not coming until 2019, Gotham / Arrowverse crossover, Man Ape coming to Infinity War, DeLorean news, Stephen Amell in Celebrity Ninja Warrior, Star Trek and Pokemon watch.


  1. DeonBmore

    What’s up everybody? I have always loved the Nerd Off, but despite being a lifelong science/comics nerd I have never felt complied to write in. Until that Black Panther trailer, even a couple of weeks later that shit still touches my soul. What made it even better is that I first saw it while doing some extra black shit. Watching game 4 of the Finals like everybody else, with my Liberian wife while she was braiding her Nigerian friend’s hair.

    Neither of them is really into comic book movies but they were hyped as fuck after watching that trailer. I have my outfit picked out already. Years ago my wife bought me a beautiful authentic dashiki shirt during one of our trips back to Liberia. I’ve never worn it, just because I never wanted to come off as a hotep or like I was trying to co-op their shit even though I am black and married to an African woman. All that said I will proudly wear that shit on February 16th 2018 to see Black Panther.

    I am a little disappointed that Black Panther & The Crew was canceled, but I’m confident we will get another black series in the future. Plus those Black Panther series in addition to being black are a very dense/wait for the trade read. I can see how that may keep people from buying them on a monthly basis. Unfortunately as a black series it doesn’t have the liberty of having people waiting to buy it. I would like to a series or mini-series that focuses on Josiah X or on his nephew Eli Bradley but with the Sam Wilson series I can understand why that maybe a bit redundant. Hopefully they can pop into another series somehow.

    Shout out to Kriss & Dpalm for killing my fond memories of Priest’s run on Black Panther. I remember liking it when it came out during Marvel Knights but I didn’t really go back and re-read it afterwards too much. After hearing them talk about how hotep it was I went back and read it over and it in fact was very hotepish and misogynistic. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

    Anyway this shit has been long enough, keep up the good work and continued success to all of ya’ll.


  2. Amani


    Niggaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! That Black Panther trailer.

    You don’t know how hard the wait for this Nerd Off is gonna be. Rod called this shit years ago with Boseman and goddamit did he come through! And where are all those people who said Marvel wouldn’t do Wakanda justice?

    Fam they turned the Marvel Studios logo Black!! And all them beautiful Black women!! The coldest subtweet right after Wonder Woman too. I see you Kevin Feige. Listen just let us know where we doing Niggacon 2018 because I need to see this movie with all of my people. Dawg they made an NBA Finals game a mediocre opening act. And the soundtrack! Nigga just take all money. Give me Dora Milaje solo posters. I need it all.

    • Amani

      And Coogler and Michael B. Jordan’s next movie is being written by Ta-Nehisi Coates? Nigga what! By the Panther Gods yes!

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