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BDS 212: Dwight Coming To Charlotte

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Dwight Howard coming to the Hornets, Warren Sapp, Fifa racism, Mayweather vs McGregor, Louisville in trouble, E coli at the PGA, Kaepernick, Michael Floyd, Tamba Hali video, Skins excited by Supreme Court, Fultz almost went with BBB, LeBron LA rumor, The Big3 music video, Gronk ITWAN, Josh Jackson tweet, Kawhi cuts off the braids, Tiger getting help, Ray Lewis joining Fox, Stafford highest paid Lion, Michael Bennett, Amar’e wants to return to the NBA, Pacers will let Lance run point and Shaq.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Jhil Jackson, and hopefully Queen Karen

    Melo won dawg!! This nigga Phil did everything he could to push Melo and dat Zingis out of New York, and you’re the one who gets fired? Oh it stings don’t it! I spent years watching my Knicks lose to Phil, so Melo coming out on top might be the biggest win this franchise has had since the 70s. And La La said she’s not getting a divorce yet? He just might land this plane after all.

    Meanwhile, Phil’s old team did us all a favor and made sure Justin has to root for Lonzo Ball. All Rod’s agendas are coming true. And for all the haters, Lavar was right. Still waiting on all that money he supposedly cost his son.

    And I know y’all gonna cover it, but CP3 and Harden about to be my least favorite team to watch in the league. Don’t even need to have air in the balls with those two, I’m just taking bets over when their first fight is. If the Beard thought he hated playing with Dwight, just wait until he has to put up with Chris Balls

    Alright y’all have a great week. And let us all take a moment to salute the Queen Serena Jameka Williams on that cover! Melanin just popping!

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