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1469: Negrocon 2017 Recap

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. SoshaMedia

    Negrocon was amazing and restorative. Thank you guys so much for helping to bring it to your listeners. I hope it becomes a regular thing! I got my life at the end when TBGWT came up, of course. It also reminded me how frickin funny WM40A and Insanity Check are!

    The best thing: I now have faces to put with all the voices I listen to every week! Karen you are strikingly gorgeous and just lit up the stage. I was way off base with most of the guys (lol) but now I can see their expressions when they say certain things during podcasts. Somehow it makes the shows funnier.

    Anyway I hope y’all keep it up!

  2. J-Full

    Hearing the Negrocon recaps across the participating shows made my heart so full. I’ve been listening to TBGWT since episode 10 or so and y’all were my gateway drug to podcasts. Y’all have set the bar so high that I often find it hard to get interested in other podcasts that aren’t consistent or just seem to be going through the motions. While y’all were away I discovered that my student discount tidal plug had expired and i was paying the full $20 for the hifi. Since i didn’t notice the difference in my budget i decided to donate a lil extra to podcasts I love in addition to premium. So proud of you guys. It’s truly amazing how far you’ve come.

  3. FalconsDiva

    I loved the detailed recap of NegroCon and your experience flying first class (LOL at poor people snacks!). Your flight examples reminded me of 2 experiences:

    – Back in 2009 my girls and I were traveling to DC for the inauguration. We all had status on Delta so we were able to board early and get our carry-ons in the overhead bin. My girl’s bag was in the bin across from me, but she was a few rows back. This older white guy gets on and decides to put his laptop in the same bin with her bag. He shifts her bag around to put his laptop in. After he gets it in there he couldn’t close the bin because of where he moved her bag. He then shrugs his shoulders and says under his breath something like ‘oh well.’ I looked him dead in face, stood up and proceeded to put my girl’s bag back where it was originally. Then I put his laptop on top of her bag but I wasn’t very gentle with it. He kept saying ‘be careful’ and I ignored him. After I sat down, he got up and placed his laptop under the seat in front of him – where that mofo should have been in the first place! I was NOT to be messed with as we were going to see our Black president take office.

    – On my recent trip to Abu Dhabi, I had economy comfort seats. Overseas, this class had the same priority as first class. So everybody started getting in line to get on the plane and rude folks were cutting in front of me. I was cool because all I had was my backpack so if there was no more overhead space, I could easily put it under the seat. So all these folks rush to board before me but we realized that we had to take a shuttle from the terminal to the plane. Everyone is getting on the first shuttle and I see a guy waving folks to the second shuttle so I head down there. He thanked me for coming and I get a prime seat near the door. Mind you, it was standing room only on the first shuttle. Well the second shuttle actually left before the first shuttle. Guess who was the first to board the plane? YA GIRL!!! I was looking real smug at all those folks that kept cutting in front of me at the gate.

    I’m heading to DC in August to see the museum. I already know I’m not going to make it all the way through in one visit but I’m definitely making it to the restaurant. As an Aggie, I must see that huge picture of the Greensboro 4 on my first trip.

  4. TanyaW42

    So glad that Negrocon was a smashing success! Hope to make it to a future one if a white lady is allowed, lol.

    Anyway, I agree with Rod regarding the substances in Carrie Fisher’s system, it brought to mind this clip: https://youtu.be/AloNERbBXcc?t=1m17s

    Rod and Karen you rule!

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