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TNO 87: Hand Me My Bat-Condoms Chum!

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, GTA5, Resident Evil logo mix up, Wonder Woman movie news, Transformers movie news, xXx sequel, Adam West dies, Venom movie universe, 24 Legacy canceled, Cowboy Bebop live action show, dark universe adding characters, Sense8 canceled, R-Rated comic book movies, Han Solo controversy, John Wick comic, Black Panther trailer, MS Xbox Live avatars, Nintendo Classic, Alia reboot, Watchmen series on HBO, Nintendo Switch, Blade Runner universe, Fantastic Four, Westworld 2 begins filming, E3 sucked for fans and media, Dan Harmon and The Rock team up, Amazon patent, Overwatch gamer banned and a racist Madden player.


  1. brandonisbmore

    Whats up Rod, Kriss and Aarron,

    First off i gotta thank Aaron I spoke wit him at NegroCon about building a gaiming pc and he gave me some great advice. I just built it and NIgga i dont know what took me so long. Games look soo much better on the pc they load faster they are cheaper generally and i can still use a xbox one controller until im comfortable with a mouse an keyboard. I went wit the gtx 1080 so hopefully it pretty furture proof.

    Also i wanna thank Kriss for his thread this morning on blerds. As someone who started a blog a while back and twitter handle has “blacknerd” in it i stuggle with changing the name because just like kriss most times when i see people with that moniker a bunch of anti-women, look at me I was outcast when I was a child sentiment follows. Im not that way but perception matters and blerd spaces are often filled with toxic masculinity and hurt feeling from the past. Hopefully this shit will change and people will continue to call them out and create change.

    Oh yeah are you guys gonna get the Xbox One X u guys didnt talk about it much after E3? And I dont know if this is nerd off material but Dem Thrones is back next week… do you guys have any predictions?? And after Adam West died i went back and read Batman 66 comic book from a couple years ago that was based on the 60’s show and that shit is just as funny as the show so if u get a chance check it out.

    Thanks for all you guys do



  2. Amani

    I still fuck with that TASM, but this shit right here nigga?! That shit was Spider-Man!!! Just gotdamn! And I’m about tired of people doubting Feige the gawd like he hasn’t been putting his name on nothing less than the hottest fire for the last ten years. Tired of being humble! Just hand it over Sony. Pass them sticks

    And that was the character too woke for their own good niggas were mad about? You can tell who didn’t actually see the movie before the think pieces. My theater fucking screamed, but we’re coons for not being mad that was in the movie? Ok. I’ll be that.

    And we about to hit Comic-Con and D23 with Black Panther and Infinity War coming out? Make mine Marvel! I’ll even excuse that struggle wig for Medusa.

    P.S. I’m still not over last episode hearing Adam West showed up to orgies with the Riddler in character. That shit took me all the way out!

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