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PG 103: Hollywood and Vi Back!!!

Rod and Justin discuss Jay-Z’s latest album, NMAAHC mug, Legends, Queen Sugar, LHHATL, blerd beefing, BBWLA, listener feedback and Claws.

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  1. Mack

    I really enjoy Queen Sugar. There are a few things that get under my skin, though. The siblings just can’t find a way to talk to each other on almost any topic without going at each other unless somebody else backs them in the corner.

    RA keeps searching for a respect and trust while also having just robbed a store, needed Aunt Vi to bail him out of the situation with the stolen stuff in the shed and rolling up in the Beaudreaux office like he wasn’t going to get his parole violated. Oh, and you know that teacher was salty when he showed up with Darla at the school.

    Nova stays in fight mode. Work, community, family. Fight erbody. I wonder what her arc is going to be with the new assignment.

    And Charley thinks she’s the smartest person in every situation. She struggles listening to her siblings, Prosper and Remy. She constantly underestimates the Landry’s. It never occurred to her that in a town where they controlled all the milling and most of the farmers that they would be connected to the banks or the police? Sooner or later I hope she learns how to be more strategic. She acts like she’s the successful manager of a mediocre player extracting more value than warranted rather than the manager of an all-star with all-star leverage, and she’s approached Louisiana like she’s the all-star there. Part of her “CEO” status is based on a type of leverage that she doesn’t have in Louisiana, and her tactics have to change. The end of this last episode may show that she is actually listening and taking in her current situation, and that’s where we’ll see what her CEO game really is.

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