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1479: Breastfeeding Backshots

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Rod and Karen discuss Nelsan Ellis passing, Young Thug gives money to PP, man shoots off penis, pornhub synching with sex toys, oral sex coffee place, man has to marry donkey, Imagine Vegan drama, home ownership, ice cream machine beatdown, breastfeeding drama, Ohio sheriff won’t revive overdose victims, brown women left out of entertainment, Sofia Coppola, 3rd mistrial for cop who killed his girlfriend’s black boyfriends, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Karen, I knew what you meant when you said that blow job’s and coffee could put the sex workers in danger of getting coffee thrown on them. Sure it’s a hazard for anyone working with hot coffee but usually there’s a counter separating the customer and the barista. What if some sicko decides to pour hot coffee on the sex worker’s head in the middle of the BJ. Or throws it in her face when if the guy doesn’t think she was down there long enough. Or he could be drinking and as the sex worker is fellating and he accidentally spills it because he’s caught up in the moment. Hopefully the customer has to finish the coffee before the BJ or get the coffee after the BJ.

    As for the baby showing the butthole while the customers are eating, I think those customers were exaggerating a bit but you know that baby showed his butthole or else the owners would have denied it. No one wants a tofu burger with a side of anus. It doesn’t sound like a good business model.

  2. FalconsDiva

    Your discussion on Coppola and Hollywood decision makers reminded me again why I love The Carmichael Show. I know you guys don’t watch but it is (was) the blackest show on network television. I think they only had 3 non-black characters with speaking lines in the first 2 seasons and 2 of those were brown people. Also, it was my first introduction to Lil Rel and Tiffany Haddish who are both very funny.

    After hearing the white people news cover for this pod, I have to change my vote in that poll. That hard ‘er’ was too much for me!

    Great show as always!

  3. QueBecky (@marchblossom)

    Omg I was drinking coffee when Karen said the blowjob coffee could be called …Mocha choka … Jesus Christ! I nearly had my own Mocha choca at the moment I had to spit out my coffee out in my car, while driving! Damn, then I show up to work with coffee colored stains down the front of my shirt! No sir, that’s not a mocha choca stain!
    Beware listeners, press pause to drink while listening to tbgwt, or you could choke!
    Look at Karen trying to kill me with comedy!
    I love you Karen!!! Karen’s husband you’re alright too.

  4. Arian

    Someone already beat me to it, but the hard R is way too strong with this one. I can’t even SMDH

  5. Mack

    Sir, (I know Mrs. Karen is not behind this)….that acoustic cover with the hard “-er”…. If I could put a .gif on here, it would be the one where the old man says the negro delegation disapproves.

  6. TanyaW42

    The coffee shop with BJs concept was LITERALLY in the movie Idiocracy, as the future version of Starbucks! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/8e/a8/da/8ea8dae13c6e0898b953c61fd47ffa46–for-men-dr-oz.jpg

  7. Uncle Bob

    When Coppola “decided” to sit down and discuss the purposeful erasure of black women from her work I bet you she made sure the interviewer wasn’t a black woman.

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