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PG 104: Kirk Frost Is Troy Maxson

Rod and Justin discuss Scandal, some documentaries Rod watched, Oklahoma City, American Anarchist, Ruby Ridge, Eric Rudolph, YMCA ball, Nike Outlet employees, Queen Sugar, LHHATL and Claws.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Trump Junior,
    What’d y’all think about this week and last week’s Chamberlain Heights? The sexism this week was funny as hell with the Shirley Chisolm dance. Quick question, is the principal supposed to sound like Doc Rivers or is that just me?
    Now to support these black women. Justin what’d you think about the finale of Potomac? Karen and Ray had that Afro-Indian party and Monique came as the wrong Indian. However, she did look good.
    I’m mad that Invite Only is over because we won’t see Bianca and her tops anymore, but that finale was pretty good. Corey said all that shit in the car about “if loving you is wrong” and then the next day was like “huh”? I love how Kamani got into Emily’s ass one more time before they left for the airport. Did you think Agu and Kamani would work out when they got back home?
    Appreciate the shows, peace y’all,

  2. Mizzanderson

    I think Ralph Angel be putting the pressure on her too Justin. Why would he call her at work, he selfish.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Regarding Claws: Uncle-Daddy is Bryce and Roller’s uncle. Their father was his brother. When Bryce and Roller’s parents died, Uncle-Daddy and his wife took them in and raised them. That’s why they call hm Uncle-Daddy, he actually is their uncle and their father. The black daughter is the product of the first husband, who was briefly mentioned in episode three, I think. But Bryce has raised her from the time she was a baby, so he is the only father the little girl knows. The white child is Bryce and Janice’s bio daughter. I am waiting to see the fallout between Janice and Desna when Janice finds out Ddesna’s role i Roller’s death considering it has caused Uncle-Daddy to drag him deep into the family business when he clearly isn’t built for it and has a drug and arrest history.

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