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BDS 215: Venus Williams Is Driven

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency signings, Hawks racism, Lebron making bread, MJ wants to buy Marlins, Mayweather unpaid taxes, Stack Jack says Big 3 can beat an NBA team, JJ Watt wack ass shirts, Mark Cuban, Joe Montana hating on Kaep, Britney Spears at the Super Bowl, Trey Burke says no one wants to play for the Jazz, Hawks CEO paying for wedding, Bazemore gets married, Celtics beef with Ray Allen, David Griffin backs out of Knicks job, Joel Embiid, Team USA doctor pleads guilty of child porn, NFL players invest in lemonade, Pacquiao lost, Andre Roberson tipping, Lavar Ball is all an act, Swaggy P was hacked, Venus Williams not guilty, Novak cheating, McGregor being racist, Zach Randolph rumor, Meek Mill holds Robert Kraft’s ring, Simone Biles, Landy rapping and a soccer team does some hand ball violations.


  1. csick

    When you got that call from Ireland, my first thought was, “Damn, Conor McGregor is really taking this fight promotion to another level”.

  2. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Rod and J. Tirico!

    Mike Vick is on that straight apology tour. He sounds really contrite but still… Shoot, I discovered Jason Whitlock because of his Mike Vick hate articles and this mofo goes on Whitlock’s show talking nonsense?!?!? He should know better.

    Anyway – Wimbledon final broke my heart. Whenever one of the Williams sisters is in the final, my girl and I have breakfast at Wimbledon. Mimosas, croissants and usually bacon. This year we had sausage, but the swine is always represented. We were posted up and all excited. Until Venus failed to break her when the first set was 5-4. It went all down hill from there. Venus just looked defeated.

    I can’t wait to listen live today!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Vick

    I blame Tony Dungy for this. Did he give Marcus this same advice? Maybe his brother just misunderstood what he meant when he said you could solve your problems with a fade? This is what happens when niggas start fucking with Whitlock man. Just start barking up the wrong tree. But man, if you had told me last year we’d still be talking about Kap like this I would have said you were crazy. It’s wild how much he has people still telling on themselves like this.

    And glad you decided to go to the premiere Rod. This is what the Big Baller life is all about. You and Lavar gotta let these people know! Justin out here slumming it with the non-premium folks, somebody gotta big time the people!

  4. fyahworks

    Sup Rod! This comment is for Justin! I live in New York, what are the odds I’m driving home, listening to the podcast and I hear you mention a trip to the big Apple in December and going to truburger as I’m passing truburger! My eyes lit up lol!
    It’s a good spot in a busy area! It is close to the A train (3/4 blocks give or take) if you decide to go!
    Another bds well done!! 1 love

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