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SMR 136: War For The Planet Of The Apes

Rod and Karen review the final move in the Planet Of The Apes trilogy, War For The Planet Of The Apes.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Once again, another fantastic, black-ass review from Rod and Karen.

    After this film, the list of the great movie trilogies ill have to be revisited because the revamped Planet of the Apes franchise definitely belongs on the top five of the list. Hollywood needs to look to this series to see how remakes are done. You take something with promise that was not fulfilled and take it to the level it should have been at. You don’t remake the Exorcist, which was perfect in its original incarnation, you remake The Car, a film that could have been great with the right special effects and better finainacial baking.

    I agree about you analysis of Woody Harrelson. He over acted for much of the film. It was very telling that his most poignant scene was his final one after contracting the virus; or perhaps, that was an intentional choice on the part of the actor and director.

    As for Andy Serbia getting the credit he deserves, don’t forget he was in Avengers: Age of Ultron and is one of the few white actors who will appear in Black Panther, where he will reprise his role as the character created in Ultron, Klaw, so his years of building his resume as Gollum and Caesar will finally come to fruition.

    Can’t wait for your review of Girls Trip — I am so ready for that.

    P.S. Have you seen the poster for Taraji P. Hensen’s new movie, Proud Mary?

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