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SMR 137: Girls Trip

Rod and Karen review the raunchy black woman comedy Girl’s Trip.



    This movie was so funny, that I almost got into a fight with someone in the audience, because they couldn’t hear the film. Also, my chest got tight for laughing as much as I did from it. The person I ought to thank for that: Tiffany F’n Haddish, man. From start to finish, she owned the screen. Now, I’ve seen her in Kean u, which was meh, at best, but this film, to date, is her defining role. The whole film is funny & seeing 4 black women leads was a helleva sight to see. Best comedy I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. ProfKori

    Y’all captured so much of why I loved this movie! I couldn’t believe how much better the movie was than the previews. So often, the best moments are in the previews. In this case, those highlight moments were just the tip of the iceberg. What a treat! I definitely want to see it again just to give them more of my money!

  3. FalconsDiva

    As soon as the tickets for Girls Trip went on sale, my girls and I bought ours. SOOOOO GOOOD!!! And it was so real! Even the scene on the airplane. Flights from Atlanta to New Orleans during Essence Fest are just like that – a bunch of black women and then you might see 1 or 2 white people in first class thoroughly enjoying all the black women enjoying themselves.

    OK, first the trailers. I saw the Proud Mary trailer on twitter earlier in the day and when it started, I had my lips turned thinking ‘Can’t nobody do Tina like Queen Angela Bassett’ – I thought it was a Tina Turner biopic. Then we see the guns and I almost screamed in my office!!! I am so ready for that movie! The first trailer I saw didn’t have a release date and I was praying that it wouldn’t come out the first quarter of 2018 because I didn’t think I could take Black Panther, A Wrinkle in Time and Proud Mary too close together. But alas, I will be in the theater January, February and March for some Black magic! I missed the Bad Moms trailer because of one of my mini trips to the bathroom. We went for drinks before the movie and I got the signature Girls Trip drink at the movie (along with my Girls Trip glass) – so ya girl had a full bladder with all that laughter. Not a good combination but shout out to Run Pee!

    Our theater was sold out a week before Friday night. My co-worker went to see it in a whiter part of metro Atlanta and she was surprised to see so many black women there. I think it was the late comers that missed out on getting tix in the blacker parts of town but pretty much every theater in metro Atlanta was sold out by Friday morning.

    Back to the movie. Thanks for letting me know that the Instagram chick was in Luke Cage – I was wondering where I saw that chocolate beauty. (This comment is all over the place – forgive me). Girls Trip reminded me so much of my girlfriend circle, it’s ridiculous. I took one of those FB quizzes and I got Lisa and it was so on point. When I moved to Atlanta and finally started going out, it was nothing for me to show up looking like Lisa did that first night. It was a running joke because for a while there, men would ask if I was a school teacher LOL. Being recently divorced, I’ve already said that when I’m ready to get back out there, I plan to be a cougar – only the young fines for me! And, believe or not, I’m the first to throw a punch in my crew LOL.

    I said I was never going to Essence Fest again because of the black tax (super high hotels and flights, restaurants closing for ‘remodeling’ and adding automatic tips – similar to what you might see for CIAA) but Girls Trip has me wanting to go back. They reminded me of why I loved going. The movie really showed why I also love the city of New Orleans (hates the Saints, love the city tho).

    I’m so glad the movie is doing so well. 99% of the women in my FB feed were talking about how good it was or how they have to go see it soon. There was one of those ‘I guess I’m the only person that has no desire to see Girls Trip’ posts. However, this time there weren’t supporting comments on her post – everyone was telling her how she’s missing out LOL. Truly #BlackGirlMagic

    Oh and when Ryan told her agent – that she was a guest at the Essence Fest so act accordingly…PRICELESS!!!

    OK, I think I’m done now. But I may come back with something else after I see it again LOL.

  4. Anzidavis

    Ya’ll called it again as usual – I went today with a friend and we laughed so hard. Thanks for all the reviews so I know if I should spend my money or keep it in my pocket.

  5. Cassie67Impala

    Hello Rod and Queen Karen! Girls Trip was HILARIOUS! I went with my mama and she was the LOUDEST person laughing in the theater but all the black folks was gettin their laughs in. Tiffany Haddish STOLE the show, but I liked that every girl had a moment to shine.

    I’m not sure if you’re going to do a SMR for Dunkirk, but I just saw it earlier today and it might be my favorite Christopher Nolan film and definitely my favorite movie of 2017. Less than 5 minutes in, it’s all action until the last 5 minutes of the movie. Thanks for always doing the SMR!

  6. Rob

    I wonder if Tiffany isn’t going to hate that “booty hole” joint 10 years from now. I can see folks walking up to her doing that like they walk up to Dave Chappelle with “I’m rich, b—” and Charlie Murphy with the other Rick James and story time stuff. But at least she’ll get her coins.

  7. Anonymous

    I absolutely loved Girls Trip. It was way better than what I was expecting. It wasn’t a mediocre rehash of Bridesmaid or any other of those BFFs do raunchy things on a trip genre. It was genuinely funny, touching, and full of blackness. The women wrapped their hair or wore satin sleep caps. Weaves and hair pieces were put in without explanation or teasing. It was genuine black girl rituals that you hardly, if ever, see in the movies or on TV. (I remember in Southside with You, the opening scene is of Michelle Robinson putting cocoa butter on her legs before she went out. When was the last night you ever saw that in a movie. I like those touches. It speaks to our realities.)

    As a 44 year old, divorced mom of two, trying to get back into the dating game, it was so refreshing to see my absolute peer group on the screen depicting relatable stories AND addressing that Black Superwoman myth seems to plague all Black woman in mid-to-older adult hood. It was also great to see a movie featuring Black women as the headliners and in a comedy! So many of our stories featuring all black women seem to focus on the struggle and the pain from start to finish. There’s no happily ever after or a glimmer of hope.

    Although the movie seemed to be produced and directed by men, I was thrilled (BIG CHEESY SMILE THRILLED) to see that it catered to the female gaze. All the men in that movie were so fucking fine. Good GODDESS. Larenz Tate can still get it upstairs, downstairs, sideways, and backwards 20 years after after Love Jones. lol. Also, that “white” guy Queen Latifah was making out with was William Levy and he’s not “white.” He’s actually a LCuban actor very famous for his televnovela roles. Oddly enough, he’s shown up in a couple of Black Women movies as a love interest (i.e. Addicted and Single Moms Club). Yeah, he’s fine AF too. (excuse my drool.)

    Tiffany Haddish did steal the show but everyone had their moment to shine. Even Kate Walsh was funny. I can’t say anything bad about this movie even with Mike Coulter’s stiff acting. He can just stand there and look built and brooding. 🙂

    In the end, I really wish there were more black movies like this featuring women where the friendship is primary and all the romance stuff is secondary. (No offense to The Wood and The Best Man’s 1 and 2.)

    I could gush all day over this movie. I’m definitely going to see it again because it was that much fun.

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