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PG 106: Kevin Hartless

Rod and Justin discuss Girl’s Trip, company raises, being friends with stupid people, Justin’s job fair, BBWLA, Kevin Hart cheating, the parents in the R. Kelly story, Queen Sugar, Claws, Snowfall, Let The Fire Burn documentary and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Sessions,

    I’m just gonna keep saying it, there’s too much good tv on right now. Why the hell does Chamberlain get funnier every week? I was already dead listening to those confederate (trump) reenactors but once they walked upon the 9/11 group I was double dead. I can’t take all these parallels my nigs.

    I was late watching Queen Sugar so I thought something bad happened at the mill listening to yall last week. I trust Remi and his hard hat, so that mill is fine. But yall, that dinner scene when RA wouldn’t just finish grace and start eating. Aunt Vi hit him with “wrap it up B” and Ralph still kept going. Rod I’m with you, I worry about Darla like I worry about Sansa around Little Finger. When she snapped at Charley while defending RA I had my hands covering my face. I think Blue and Darla are going to have an issue over the Kenya doll.

    I’m just gonna say this and grapple hook myself out like Batman, some of these women are telling on themselves with this Issa vs Lawrence shit. The men already told on themselves last season but you were right, episode 1 of this season had my timeline HOT. Justin are you still #teamLawrence? I don’t know about yall but I’m #teamTasha and #teamGreyworm.

    Yall have a good rest of the week,


  2. cocoqt81

    So, I’ve turned into Karen… a bad black woman!!! I have fallen off and I’m like 4 episodes behind on Queen Sugar. Thanks to your recaps I feel like I know exactly what’s going on. Preciate it! Anyway, Rod you were right about Insecure. That last scene definitely set the timeline on fire! All I gotta say is… I see why Issa fucked Daniel. Lawrence out here dicking Tasha allllll the way down, and then had the nerve to bring Issa them 7 pumps and haul ass out the door. Dis NIGGA! I was so offended for her. But she did let us know a few times on the low last season that Lawrence wasn’t hitting it right… we finally got to see it. Every time he fucks Tasha he’s a step away from pulling a muscle, but he can’t muster up any enthusiasm for Issa? Bye, nigga. #teamissa

  3. think_p_smart

    I believe this was the Pre-Game where y’all talked about salaries. I used to work in HR (specifically, pay equity, affirmative action, and applicant tracking). The statute of limitations is over so now I can spill a lil tea. If y’all ever wanna have me on for discussions, hit me up.

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