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BDS 216: Odell Becky Jr?

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Mike Vick on Keap, Mike Tirico not black, Dwight says Kobe beef was made up, Elena Delle karma, Mayweather / McGregor, Brandon Marshall ends radio spot, Carson Palmer can play until he’s 42, Serena’s first check, Dak not feeling Ezekiel, Manziel talked to NFL teams, McGee mad, Lochte back, Mutombo wants to buy Rockets, Clijsters plays heckler, Melo wants to go to Houston, OBJ, Manu coming back to Spurs, Clippers without Paul, Ty Lawson, NFLPA encourages strike, dognapping, Cavs off season, Gettleman fired, OJ free, Tristan house shopping with Khloe, Hugh Freeze gets caught, Belichick shirt, Sue Bird comes out, Kirk Cousins wants the guap and Dez Bryant feeds his hometown BBQ.



  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Freeze! Hope you guys had s good week. I didn’t want shit. Just saying hey because I haven’t written y’all in a couple of weeks. Oh wait… I heard Melo is open to going to OKC… that must mean La La is just working out the particulars of their divorce. You know she ain’t going there! LMAO! Anyway, have a good week. Smooches!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Whitehead

    You know you’re having a bad week when your dog getting kidnapped and held for ransom ain’t even in the top 3 of most fucked up things to happen to you. This nigga really got caught up on some we all look alike bullshit, had his name dragged through the mud, and then lost his job! I thought the stolen dog story y’all read last week was kinda suspect timing, but damn! My man had the Celie curse on him or something. I guess he wasn’t… lucky afterall.

    And how is it the fucking Cowboys of all teams who cut him before even verifying he actually got arrested?! Dez Bryant’s and his mama slapping hands is somewhere shaking his head. I guess this dude must really suck as a player because we know Jerry Jones will let drug addicts and women beaters stick around if they’re even marginally talented. But I guess we already knew the league takes stealing from Wawa more seriously than it does crimes against women.

    And after that last episode I only want Kyrie traded to the Knicks so him and Odell Becky Jr. can fight over all the flat asses in New York.

  3. Mack

    Man, that Dak vs Ezekiel reminds me of his comments about Dak’s family and how one side was teachers and lawyers and the other (dark) side was all criminals and thugs. He said he was one to unify both sides of the locker room, but it seems like better than anything else, he has that sanctimonious qb act down.

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