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SMR 138: Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

Rod and Karen discuss Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets plus some listener feedback on Girl’s Trip.

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    Movies directed by Luc Besson are a mixed bag. Now, I enjoyed his past work with The Professional & The Fifth Element, but that’s about where it ends for me with that guy. Lucy was atrocious & while I like the Taken films, even though he wrote them, they’re not that good either. I think Luc believes that he’s the best writer and/or director ever, but his recent endeavors have me questioning the man’s talents.

    When I left Valerian, I thought like you, Rod, when you talked about the casting of this film. Dane Dehaan & Cara Delevingine chemistry is like watching paint dry & the scenarios that the script had them doing were forgettable. They couldn’t even convey romance, let alone subtlety. They were awful. Clive Owen was awful, too. His character’s backstory was interesting, but that’s it. Rihanna’s OK, at best, and I’m admittedly being generous as I say that. Herbie Hancock did recite his line well a enough, but, he’s also lacking something.

    This film is not even a good-bad film, it’s all bad. Too bad, because, damn it’s gorgeous; one of the best-looking films of the year & it’s wasted on a bad script, sub-par setpieces & two bad leads. I didn’t expect this to light cinema on fire, but it should’ve been better.

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