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1499: 1489: Usher, U Got It Bad

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Chris Lamberth to discuss of the Mundane Festival Podcast about acting while working, Kevin Hart cheating allegations, Usher being sued over STDs, the thong song remix, Brooklyn bar racism, Justine Diamond media coverage, Naeem Davis, White People News, older woman caught sexting, man pushed off bridge, teacher sues sexual assault victim for defamation and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I don’t understand that article about Usher. When you read the article that said the lady suing him had seen a discharge from his penis and she still had sex with him? Where they do that at? I have a motto: “If the dick don’t look right, you must take flight”

  2. Lilmo0219

    Oh Lawd! “Dumps like a mini cooper” Those thong song jokes were HILARIOUS!

  3. FalconsDiva

    Your discussion on white people dreams vs black people dreams reminded of an opportunity I had to turn down while in college. I was in the black acting troupe and the director approached me about an opportunity to perform in Aruba for the summer. When I was little I always wanted to go to Aruba because my grandmother went when I was around 3 and brought me back a t-shirt. So I was super hyped about this opportunity. Until she told me that I wouldn’t get paid – I would have room and board all summer, but at the end of the summer – nothing. I had to decline because I had to make money during the summer to help pay for college the next year. I still look back on that every now and then when the acting bug hits me and think ‘what if?’

    I did realize my dream of going to Aruba – my work hard, play hard mantra is me trying to make up for all the opportunities I missed when I was younger because I was all about making money. Shoot, if money wasn’t such an issue, I know I would not have gotten a degree in accounting. It’s all good though, I’m now able to give my niece some freedom in living her life without financial burden.

    Great show as always!

  4. fyahworks

    Man oh man niggaz have time on their hands! That usher clip was creative and classic! There is also one with rkelly and usher from the same girl video!
    I just hope whoever does these clips are turning this into monetary value! Some of these people are really talented! Case in point, Queen Karen nice and slow free style #flames

  5. Across113thSt

    I too am curious what’s going to come from Confederate, but it definitely has the potential to be some sh!t. The most controversial/awkward is slavery in modern day. Imagine a southern hip hop act being OWNED by a master and made to perform for the entertainment of the white populous. Hmmmm, wait…. never mind.

    Anyway, I really hope they don’t write a Great White Savior to save free the slaves. Also, I believe HBO picked up such an idea because it plays to current racial divisiveness of the US. Every network is looking for their cash cow for the polarized climate.

  6. Rigo Fernandez (@chi_rigo606)

    On Sisqo’s Thong Song Remix – I don’t know guys, I just pulled the two videos up side by side and even though the original had a few more thick girls in it there are a lot of girls with nothing going on. I suspect Sisqo may not actually like a lot in the back.

    • Coquinegra

      Baltimore used to have a LOT of no-ass-at-all women in the 80s and 90s. You could be right.

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