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SMR 139: Atomic Blonde

Rod and Karen review Atomic Blonde and respond to listener feedback.



    Atomic Blonde felt odd to me. The story’s clunky, the screenplay is middling & it’s mostly told through flashbacks. Yet, I still enjoyed it, thanks to the acting & the action, which, while there’s enough of it here, I did feel it could’ve used more. Sofia Butella is woefully underutilized here, as an Intel person from France. I didn’t buy here role, at all.

    Aside from her, most of the performances were able to power through the movie’s flaws. I really enjoyed Charlize Theron & James McAvoy’s chemistry. And when Theron’s is shown kicking ass, she’s kicking ass.

    Overall, I actually dug despite my complaints. I will say this, however, this movie did make me more excited for Taraji P Henson’s Proud Mary. That trailer gave less hints than this movie did, IMO.

  2. Selester63

    Rod & Karen,

    The action scenes were good but all the talking in between made me lose interest. The fact that the trailers showed those action scenes was also a let down. I’m glad I went to the early Saturday morning $5.49 matinee. Do you plan on seeing “Detroit”? I listened to the MTR review and Kriss & Phenom gave it a big “FUCK THIS MOVIE”, don’t waste your time. I won’t be seeing that one.

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