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OSR 39: Insecure

Rod and Karen discuss Insecure season 1 and episode one of Season 2.


  1. Anonymous

    I don’t have cable and I don’t subscribe to the HBO channel, but I know all the major plot points and social media firestorm regarding Insecure from recaps and think pieces that show(ed) up on my timeline. Today, I did a bit of a search on YouTube for strictly prurient reasons because I heard SOOOO much about the Lawrence and Tasha sex scene that ended season 1. Why did I do? Arrrrgh! I found so many ashy Hotep anti-black women videos out there about how Tasha is a seductress and how black women don’t know how to be submissive to black men and how black women have been brainwashed to only be subservient to white men. Of course, there’s the whole disgusting Negro Bed Wench insult/argument. I just don’t understand how some black men feel so justified in throwing Black women under the bus. Why do they hate us so much? It’s not like Black women were helping fuel the slave economy or wrote the Jim Crow Laws. Some women cheat. Some men cheat. Each relationship, real or fake, have intricacies we can never understand. Why can’t a relationship stand on it’s own with these dudes? Why must it be the fault of the black woman somehow? That’s all. I had to rant a bit. Thanks for all you do. So glad that I went premium.

  2. Selester63

    Great review, glad to see Queen Karen is finally on the Insecure Bandwagon.

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