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1507: The White Walkers Are Global Warming

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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss and Aaron to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. Sean

    I have to start off with a confession, I strayed this week. I listened to other wrap-ups of GoT, and I am so sorry. I’m so sorry because those other shows ain’t shit. None of them said that Davos should be getting his bribes back. Nobody predicted or gloated over the absurdity of the prediction coming true about Jamie coming through with armor and hand. Nobody does it like you, and your great guests this week.

    About Arya though. Do you think she knew that Littlefinger was watching her and she was pretending to get herself caught? Or, do you think that just before the Battle of the Bastards Jaqen H’ghar offed Littlefinger, took his face, and has been playing the character ever since in order to bring Arya to heed?

    Keep up the work, your wrap-up was Dracarys, love from Osaka.

  2. EvieE

    I’m still holding out hope that Sansa is playing Littlefinger because after all the Starks have been through it would suck if they fall apart now because of this manipulative son of a bitch.

  3. C.chance

    What’s happenin y’all? Just my thoughts. Gentry’s storyline never intrigued me till now. I mean I get that he’s the bastard son of Rob Baratheon and has somewhat of a claim to the throne. But when they left his ass on that boat for however many seasons it was, I was confused as to how or when they were gonna bring him back into the story. My guess/prediction is his blacksmithing skills are what they are gonna focus on more than his claim. Jon and Dany and them got that dragon fire which is required to forge valerian steel. Ya think Hammertime could make this happen? Not sure if that’s been mentioned but just a guess. Next I agree that the suicide squad plan to kidnap a white walker to show cersie sounds like some fuck shit. I feel like they would be better served if they took one to the crusty ass maesters and let it fuck up the citidel. That would get everyone in formation. Last, my personal choice of how I want cersie to die. I want Jaimie to find out she ain’t pregnant and pimp slap the shit outta her with that gold hand like a bitch that ain’t got Brons money. Right across the temple. Anyway, sorry so long. I love the show… NC Stand up!! And Karen, keep laughing!

  4. Coquinegra


    Cersei is not pregnant. She is going through menopause.

  5. Coquinegra

    OK, enough of this Jon-Dany mess. Jon is a Dragon but he was raised by wolves. If they do it, as soon as he finds out, he’s walking away. Fast. That’s not how they do it in the North. I’m glad the Tarly men are dead so Sam gets the house (although he did take the Wall oath, but who cares because they have Wildlings all up & through the Night’s Watch) and Gilly gets the biggest come-up EVER. My predictions: The Hound dies in Clegane-bowl and Arya mourns him. Arya marries Gendry, finally uniting the houses of Baratheon and Stark, Bronn finally gets his rich wife & a castle, Gilly writes the story for history.

  6. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Greetings from House Collards, Son of CSPN, Drinker of Crown, Defender of Ratchet, the Father of Durags. This one might be long but forgive me.

    1. Imagine Bronn scolding Jamie in the way Negan reacted when he saw Shiva. “That is a gotdamn dragon! You see that Jamie? That is the taste of shit!”

    2. Was it some bull that Glenn lived? Yes. Did I care? Nope. In the words of Karen I have no shame lol but yes Glenn not dying at the dumpster and Jamie not dying after charging a gotdamn dragon is some bullshit.

    3. With the leaks and hacks of Thrones do y’all think they’ll do the same for Walking Dead? i hope not.

    4. I listened to last week’s feedback show and I can’t remember who it was that wrote in about the Missed Connection that time you guys were on our show but I’d like that listener to know it was appreciated and we took it as a teachable moment and so it’s all good.

    Alright i’ve talked long enough. Love y’all and keep up the good work.

  7. Anonymous

    I am calling it now Dracarys , will be the name of the next biggest All Female Lead Heavy Metal Band.

  8. D Ramsey PhDone

    Love it when Mr. Rod said “Dragons recognize Dragons!” #Drogon knows his nephew Jon Snow is telling the truth about Dem Wights!

  9. Amani

    Oh yeah they fucking. Dany was looking at Jon like damn, Missandei got some goodbye Mouf, what you gonna do? And I can’t blame him for not talking about dying. Jon can barely convince Dany the White Walkers exist, he doesn’t want to have to start telling people he’s Jesus too.

    But his daddy is a real ain’t shit nigga! Rhaegar got a divorce and then married Lyanna next door to his ex. How you just gonna post up the side piece in Dorne after you get an annulment from your Dornish wife?! Speaking of ain’t shit daddies, the real reason Randyll Tarly didn’t want to go to the Wall is he didn’t want to take orders from Sam up there. I would have been so petty bossing his racist ass around after he disowned me. Meanwhile with their line gone and Sam in the Night’s Watch, baby Sam gonna inherit Horn Hill. Gilly stay coming up on this show! That damn kid might end up on the Iron Throne as fast as he’s growing up.

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