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PG 110: One And A Possible Some

Rod and Justin discuss dinner with bae, Trump stuff at work, Kim K fucking up, nigga shit, Claws, BBWReunion, Love and Hip Hop, Insecure and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen and J “Good Luck” Trump,

    I thought that Thrones recap with Nina went really well the other day. Giving Amy Schumer a 100 and the super racist man a 25 didn’t surprise me at all. I also enjoyed your Insecure recap with Bassi but I wanted to ask Karen and Justin their thoughts. Is Justin still #teamMolly? I’m kinda mad she even invited Sterling to that wedding in the first place. Do you guys trust Dro and his open marriage? As a part of the light-skin community I’m predisposed to trust him. It was rough for #teamLawrence, but I’ll give props to Derek for telling him about how those 2 years might’ve been rough on Issa.

    Legends, I’ve been waiting to see if OJ makes an appearance this season. He said he transcended race and didn’t want Cuba playing him on tv. Milk was right though that tv show was great. Which group did yall like the most? Jamal and the “gay” men had me rolling.

    Praise Allyall,


  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Pre game crew,

    First I want to say thank you for the moments of entertainment, as you all really can make bad times better.

    So, I wanted to ask you about Insecure this season. I had the chance to be on set for a few episodes and Issa, Yvonne, and Natasha are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy finer in real life. But the question was, how are people pulling for any side in this? They all are terrible people. This Hive business really makes me question the people involved in all the Twitter debates. Chad really is the best person because he is so transparent and honest.

    Man y’all take care and I hope Justin doesn’t get traded like Isiah Thomas before he gets an extension,

    Jay Sarge

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Jay J. Blige

    Hopefully we can get a remix to Crispy Chicken.

    So after almost 17 years I’ve decided to play ball again. I need to lose weight and there’s a court on the base gym that near the job. I step onto the court and my shot was wet like Evelyn finding a young rich nigga with a weak pull out game. I was hitting anywhere and everywhere like Dwayne on a break. I have no idea why that happened but it was encouraging. I thought to myself “damn I need to play ball more often…”

    Sadly it lasted 5 mins cus. A nigga was hella winded after the 9th or 10th trip down the court. The second to last play this little nigga crossed me so hard I tripped and fell on my face. I got up, smiled and endured the explosion of “OOOOOO’s”. Niggas was partying for a good min and all I could do was play through it like nothing happened.

    We won off an assist I made but I think Im retired from the game of basketball for good. A nigga back hurts, kness on fire still, face sore, arms rubbery and pride is bruised. Now I know how Greg Oden feels.

    But has that ever happen to you guys? The wet shot after a hiatus and being embarrassed on the court, I mean. How did you react to both?

    Alright Guys!
    All Praises to All Y’all!

    Praise All Y’all!

    Andre Joseph

  4. rodimusprime

    Rod, Justin,

    They DAZZLE young Black men in need of unconditional love and motherly guidance. Kris accepts any strays her girls bring home gladly giving them motherly guidance. The daughters give these men love, or so these men believe.

    In Get Out, if the main character didn’t have his one friend, he would have been doomed. Remember, the main character was motherless too. Young Black men don’t know they’re being dazzled because they don’t recognize when white women make calculated moves using their time tested passive-aggressive techniques. Kanye and Kim had been messing around for years, on the low. Then, when his mom died, he had a hole in his life for the entire Kardashian clan to fill. They couldn’t get in when mom was alive.

    Kris Humphries’ has a good relationship with his (white) mom. As a result, he was never fully dazzled because he had built up some immunity though his dealings with his mom & other white women. Mother Humphries saw that things were dangerously imbalanced in favor of the Kardashian/Jenner’s favor but knew she had to let this play out.

    This system isn’t always bad. Sometimes, a man in need meets a woman whose mom is sincere in taking him in. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with House Kardashian-Jenner.

    Ms. Smart

    PS: I knew LaLa needed a building cus my education (master’s degrees are in Business and Counseling Psychology), and life (Ph.D. in N*ggatry with a concentration in Hood Economics from Detroit, the city, not the movie), make me uniquely qualified to read these tea leaves.

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