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BDS 220: Uncle Tom Brown

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, ESPN Football auction, NFL players sitting, Coach K, Kyrie didn’t talk to his team, NCAA new sexual violence policy, Baylor settles lawsuit, Amar’e break baby, Ezekiel Elliott suspended, Penny on Kawhi, Gilbert Arenas wants in the Big 3, LaVar Ball, Oakley almost got in a fight, 49ers hire woman, Mayweather wants to own an NBA team, Jordan Matthews traded, Wiggins shoe, Dion Waiters is the alpha, Kendall Jenner dating Blake Griffin, Kenan is good, Serena pregnancy, Lebron disses Trump, Khloe happy, Tim Brown, Odom in the Big 3, Kyrie trade, Eli old, Robert Horry investigated, Richard Jefferson talking shit, Lions logo, Jim Kelly, Marquise Goodwin, Dahntay Jones on Steph and Hassan Whiteside.



  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen and Jay “Bones” Jones?

    I’m writing this email 24 hours before I find myself immersed in a setting I didn’t anticipate being in this weekend: at an out of town Irish pub, specifically for the Mayweather-McGregor fight. I know, I know, I’m breaking the number one rule of fight parties according to Bomani (don’t be in mixed company). But after the whirlwind of fuckery that has been the promotion of this fight, it kind of makes sense that I’m in the worst possible set-up to watch it.

    Anyway, I don’t know if y’all are covering the Jon Jones story but, “Nigga again??!?!” was what I yelled out when the story of him testing positive for PEDs broke a couple of days ago. How one gets busted multiple times for doping is outstanding to me. And for it to happen to MMA’s equivalent of Ken Griffey Jr was my tipping point. The UFC / MMA won’t be the same for me and I’m actually at peace with it.

    Before this gets too long winded, ya’ll catching the fight? I might troll and see if I can find a Money Team snapback for tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and J Kellerman,

    Earlier this week my friends and I had our fantasy draft and I picked up Edelman. You would think as a Falcons fan I’d be torn about that decision but I got him in order to trade later. I thought having him on my bench would rip my heart apart, anytime I saw his name I would think about that wild catch back in February. But it seems like he used up all his experience points on that super bowl catch. Edelman getting injured won’t tear my team apart but it does mess up my agenda. I wanted him playing in week 8 so he can get popped by a Falcons defender. I know it’s still preseason but have you guys found an agenda for this NFL season?


    AJ (the other Falcons fan)

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey, Karen, Rod, and J-sean McCoy! Hope y’all had a good week! So listen… I’m very much prepared to say I’m boycotting the NFL because of Kap, but really it’s because those games were trash. I used to stay home all day watching football. Last season I was like oh, brunch at 230? Sure. Them games sucked and if they suck again I aint watching. I’ll say it’s cuz of Kap lmao! Rod, I forgot to mention the other week when you found out Anthony was smashing one of them reality chicks cakes to smithereens. I DIED laughing. “Not like this. Hahahahaha! Have a great weekend!

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, JaySean McCoy, and hopefully, Karen,

    Hope all is well,

    First, I wanted to ask this question about the Kyrie-Isaiah trade. Doesn’t the trade make both teams weaker on defense? Boston has turnstiles at 4 positions. Also, this trade puts wayyy more pressure on D. Rose’s knees than should be allowed. I’m nervous this trade may make both teams a bit worse, Kyrie being in Boston around some New England Caucasian women daily, may test the limits of his hoe control.

    Also, Beige Griffin is going to ruin the Clippers. You realize he signed an super max extension while he was hurt and he won’t be back until the new year. His Manila envelope colored knees crumble like the like Paul George’s common sense around white strippers. Before Justin wants to react to this light skin slander, Steph Curry is my favorite player and I own a Jon B CD. Beige Griffin is just in the same hype zone now as Kevin Love was in Minnesota. SMH

    Lastly, as much I want to protest the nfl, I just can’t bring myself to not at least watch the highlights. I feel like I’m doing my part. Between fantasy football and just seeing a well run play, football really can be a very boring sport. That is why I’m counting down the days to NBA training camp in a month.

    Appreciate you guys and the jokes. Any time yall are in LA, I will take you guys to a Lakers game, my treat.

    Jay Sarge

  5. brandonisbmore

    What up Rod and Justin,

    So Kyrie won right?? I can’t think of a better landing spot for him to have all the flat ass white women he could ever imagine. Boston also didn’t get the Solar Eclipse so his flat earth theory still alive and well too. Before the trade I would have bet money he was going to Portland cuz Dame Lillard was talking bout how much he would love to play wit lebron and I thought that would be a perfect swap but this is actually more interesting. NBA trying to be the new NFL and have all year news now.

    Lastly I know I’m a horrible person and I ain’t shit cuz……. I’m gonna watch that McGregor v Mayweather fight. I know it’s terrible and a joke but somehow they got me. Also I read an article that so much money has come in on McGregor cuz the odds are so crazy and if McGregor won by knockout it would be the biggest lost in the history Vegas sports books, they would have to pay out over $1 Billion in one night. So as usual I’m rooting for chaos and craziness.

    Thanks y’all,


  6. Amani

    Hey Rod and Leslie,

    Oh damn, Justin’s still there? Well how you doing J. Gilbert? Who knew being a racist, Trump supporting, subprime loan dealing piece of shit would have consequences? Lebron ain’t putting up with your shit no more! And now you give in and trade Kyrie for Isiah Thomas who has fewer years on his contract? If folks thought Kyrie’s defense was bad… Steph somewhere licking his lips doing that Lebron dance again. Cavs already running up the tank flag for when Lebron goes to Justin’s Lakers.

    But gotta pump the breaks on the Cavs talk, even if he’s going to a better team right now Isiah Thomas gotta be pissed they had to trade a 1st round pick and other players for Kyrie right? All these Boston fans that were racing to hype him up last season for MVP now couldn’t wait to get Kyrie. That bandwagon sure crashed suddenly. Maybe Cleveland traded him now because Kyrie looked directly at the eclipse because he already knows astronomy is some anti-flat earth bullshit.

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