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1509: Whites Only Jokes

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Rod and Karen discuss Tina Fey’s defenders, some random thoughts, Trey Songz please guilty, Mystikal is on the run for rape again, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wives and hide ya husbands too because Mystikal is raping everybody out here.

  2. Buddy_Love

    It’s obvious Mystikal was set up by Lil Romeo and the Gucci Mane clone because he was about to buy No Limit Records #staywoke

  3. Across113thSt

    NO NO NO NO…. NO. That stronger rendition is trash. COLD WHITE TRASH. I blame Tina Fey. Rod, Thank you for using your social media presence responsibly and sharing how the whites are ruining our beautifully black music.

  4. Trey_Swindu

    Another solid episode from start to finish, loved all the commentary on this episode Rod and Karen!

  5. Kwamouflauj

    While identifying as any form of “supremacy” is a no-no for me, I believe I could be persuaded into joining the Taco Collective with further education such as:

    What kind of leadership system is involved? Is there a High Council of Taco or a single Grand Taco?

    What is the secret handshake?

    Do we wear sombreros to a march or is that too racist? I am also willing to accept a taco hat.

    When we vote in the polls will tacos be served?

    And finally, when we march will we be amply prepared with Pepsi products for the PoPo when they arrive with tanks and The Pentagon?

  6. Nic Ju

    Rod, I felt the same way as you about The Bachelorette. I could tell when she was doing press that she was basically warning folks that she wasn’t going to pick a black man, or that she hadn’t picked one.
    So the way it works is, they choose one of the contestants that had been sent home by the current Bachelor/ette to be the next Bachelor/ette. It’s not necessarily the runner up, it’s usually a fan favorite, or someone you can tell they were grooming by the edit they got on the show. Eric (the black guy on Rachel’s season) was the 2nd runner up. They haven’t announced who the next Bachelor will be, but I sincerely doubt it’ll be him. If they go with a black guy, it’ll probably be one of the guys she sent home earlier in the season. The whole thing is incestuous. I really wish they would start from scratch instead of picking from the “losers.”

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