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1510: Innagram

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Brandon Collins of The Comedy Outliers and Medium Popcorn podcasts to discuss the solar eclipse, race in comedy, Joss Whedon wife spills the tea, Ben Carson home vandalized, Dino Costa, Stonewall Jackson, MAGA white women on Howard’s campus, pastor on Instagram, drunk driving mom, Taco Bell bat beating and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    That pastor knows he wanted to eat Nicki’s booty. He wanted to lay Gods unchanging hands on it and anoint it with his tongue. And then to say that wasn’t his account, he really tried it.

  2. reallydarkknight

    Rod and Queen Karen,

    That Whedon story took almost two full cycles of Mary J. Blige. His wife was spilling all the tea on him. He’ll take the short-term L and keep it pushin’.

    Although the impression of Ben Carson is funny as hell, his cooning ass is not. I’m not sure there is any disrespect that Ben Carson wouldn’t excuse. This is not about respectability, this kind of shit is something else entirely. Much like that wack-ass Herman Cain this week with, “My fellow Blacks…” Dis Nigga!!!

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    *****Stars Dem Morrows and Brandon showed out during the Guess the Race segment! Co-signs on everything mentioned above…..Queen Karen’s rants are lit!!!

  4. Kwamouflauj

    First of all, Innagram is the best app I’ve ever heard of. It will only work based on melanin level too. If the melanin too light, sorry buddy it won’t work. It will just redirect you to instagram. HA! Don’t worry, I’ll hook Justin up with a unique version for him & other light kinfolk.

    On Whedon:
    Years ago at Emerald City Comic Con I overheard a rumor about Whedon’s secret lifestyle. The phrase used was “getting side shakes.” At the time I just took it as a rumor from industry rivals hating on Whedon but BOYYYYY did his wife come with receipts. Maybe Rod’s Law (“nobody get’s canceled”) will take effect or Whedon’s unique situation will end up like that podcasting fellow who was also a vocal self-identifying feminist.

    On Ben Carson:
    Ben Coonson will always get a 100 in my book. I have no sympathy for him. If they vandalize his property and doodoo on his lawn I will feel bad for the lawn. Only pure self-hate and delusion could find the respectability in neighbors who expression flagrant racism.

    On The Pastor:
    Hey, Brandon’s Pastor Doodooberry impression is TOO good ya’ll. I almost fell off my balcony in tears. I think I have stretch marks from the ordeal. If he put on a suit he could cosplay as Pastor Dingleberry.

    Also Karen’s misunderstandings are a blessing. She is, lowkey, a comedy genius. I don’t know how long before Rod has to get the aspirin.

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