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TTM 12: Insecure 2

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In a very special episode of “This Too Much” Rod and Bassey discuss critically acclaimed HBO comedy “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Bassey, Rod,

    The KEY! This is why I mess with y’all. That key exchange tip-toed all over my spirit. If Dro was a friend, he would know what we all know: Molly ain’t built for the side-piece life. If he was a friend, he would have continued to stay far far far away from Molly’s vagina.

    For what it’s worth, the writers low-key depicted the coworker as thirsty by having her tell the office she and Lawrence went out (metaphorically pissing on him/claiming him), she invited herself to accompany Lawrence to a party of Issa’s friends, and she asked no questions? When any man, woman, or child invites me somewhere, I need AWL the information. Wedding? Lemme see the invitation so I know what color NOT to where? Who all is gonna be there? How long you known ’em? Will I be asked my favorite Bible verse?

    She knew exactly what she was doing in EVERY instance. That woman knows what bringing a chick to a party where his ex will be will mean: He moved on and I am where he moved to, BIIIITCH. I don’t think it’s a coincidence they made this chick not Black. And his spidery senses don’t even suspect the hustle cus Lawrence is a man.

    Also, what’s Nico’s number? I am asking for a friend…A friend in my mirror.

    Ms Smart

  2. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Bassey! Great recap as always!

    Regarding Lawrence and stalking Issa on FB, I just wanted to share what happened on FB when I got divorced. First, when I knew I wanted a divorce, I made my relationship status private. But when it was final and I went to change my status, FB took me through these very thoughtful steps to remove our connection. It was like ‘Hey FalconsDiva, we know everyone needs some space. Would you like to hide all posts from Mr. FalconsDiva? He won’t know you’re doing this’ It walked me through disconnecting posts and pictures that had the both of us in them so they wouldn’t show up in my memories and everything! At each choice, it would tell me that he won’t know I was doing it. FB is shady about most stuff but I thought that was pretty cool.

    The most recent episode left me with emotions too, Bassey. I can’t wait to hear you guys discuss.

  3. Mack

    Look, I said this last time, and after this episode with the Whoot Whoot pitch, I’ll say it again. I think ‘Wrence’s co-worker is throwing him the flavor. She shot that look back at the happy hour. Now they had that awkward pause, followed up with drive-by/whoot jokes.

    Their oral discussion felt like something from the mid-90s. Thought folks were way past those stigmas by now?

    And is Dro really going to always be in town now? Or is Molly driving down there?

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