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1514: Aria Of The Three Piece

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Rod and Karen are joined by Corey Glover of the band Living Colour to discuss blackness in music, being in the game 30 years, and just like a whole lot of black ass shit, then we discuss Hurricane Harvey hitting TX, Usher update, white woman beats up racist white woman, Stacey Dash, Meek Mill, drunk bus driver, McDonald’s blow job, drunk mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Cassie67Impala

    This was one of my favorite episodes! I could talk about different styles of music all day long. I grew up listening to classical, jazz, blues, rock, r&b, and hip hop. I love when all those styles come together. I can’t wait for Corey to be back on the show. When he was talking about all the rock shows he went to, I flashed back to my live punk show days. I’ll definitely check out Living Colour, they sound right up my alley. Thanks for a great show!

  2. EvieE

    I loved Living Colour and seeing a black hard rock band meant so much to me growing up because I was labeled an oreo for enjoying rock music even though black people were the pioneers of it. Listening to them, actually made me seek out other black hard rock bands which I still love to this day. Cult of Personality was and still is my jam! I Really enjoyed this episode.

  3. Dunedragon

    I had so many comments to make while listening to the podcast but forgot most of them from laughing so hard. Conrad needs to be invited for a Them Thrones review in season 8. His comment on the GOT dildo had me trying to one up it all day. Does it raise the dead? Another great episode.

    • Dunedragon

      So as my Rod switches to Rob, Corey switches to Conrad. My bad guys.

  4. Arianna (@rivahcitygurl)

    Thank yall so much for putting me on to Living Colour. I grew up listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers & Linkin Park and had no idea that I was completely missing out on a black rock band. Also, I was low-key waiting for yall to play the “I’m from Brooklyn” sound clip, but I see you resisted the urge lol.

  5. Rob

    This was a really dope episode. I was aware of Living Colour, but I’m going to give the new joint a listen and cop the joint that had Thought and Chuck D. Corey was a legit fan, and the fun that he was having on the show made it even more enjoyable for me as I listened on the j-o-b.

    When I was coming up in the 80s, my cousin was in a funk band, and they definitely were living like rockers. Our folks have always been in the scene, and it seems like back then there was a chance of hearing that variety on the radio. But the way “urban radio” went, it seems they really narrowed down what they portrayed as Black music to a small range within rap and R&B. I have to remember to push those boundaries back out on music.

    Re: that fight in Florida, that lady laid hands! Funny how the other lady tried to jump to victim mode.

    Keep up the good work, y’all.

  6. D Ramsey PhDone

    When I saw this I was mad because I had to wait until today to listen! Living Colour was one of my favs back in the day! Corey Glover is amazing! ***** Stars and two biscuits!

  7. Anike Robinson

    The best show with Corey. He introduced me to your show last summer and I have been a serious fan ever since. Hearing corey on the show with you two was like a full circle…and I was geeked that Corey mentioned my name!!! I laugh, smh, and holler with you two. Thank you for all of you hard work and dedication.

  8. Paula Howley

    Corey Glover APOLOGIZING for not giving TBGWT a 5 star review yet! Yep, you have MADE it. This was one of my favourite episodes yet! Corey was GREAT with you guys, like he’s been podcasting his whole life. Superb chemistry and super funny. Can’t wait till you have him back again – he fit right in. Well done Corey! It was so interesting to hear what he had to say about music. I’m going to look for more black rock bands in other countries like he suggested.

    I remember when Living Colour first came out and how stoked I was about them. Their performance on SNL was epic. Corey whipping all that hair around. Whoa. Super hot. I have a soft spot in my heart for Living Colour as I used to use Cult of Personality as my intro song back in my stripping days! The opening riffs to that tune are unmistakable and say “Here I am! Sit the fuck down and watch how it’s done.”
    I will be downloading “Shade” as soon as it’s available!
    Also, I’ll be waiting for the Aria of the Three Piece too.
    This was such a treat guys! You just get better and better!

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