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TNO 92: New Doctor, Who Dis?

Rod, Karen, Lashonda and Shanna of the MTR Network discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Dr. Who Q and A, Obi-Wan spin off, CinemaSins gets fried, The Gambit movie, Finn Jones, Joss Whedon’s fansite shuts down, Silver and Black movie, Anna Diop casts as Starfire, Common to star in Black Samurai show, Han Solo loses Micheal K Williams, Neill Blomkamp wants to direct Iron Man, Deadpool stunt woman death, IT movie screening, Walking Dead season 8, Xbox One X pre orders, Crackdown 3, Vixen series, Mass Effect Andromeda, Lakeith wants to be the Joker, Gotham City Sirens, Supergirl season 3, Lena Dunham in AHS, Netflix Defenders stats, Game of Thrones video game, Tobe Hooper dies, At&t slow internet for poor folks, Marvel wants a new TV series, Fantastic Four rumor, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, ReCore and Nintendo supply shortage again.


  1. rodimusprime

    What it do my nigs?

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    First off, let me thank you Rod and Karen for having an episode and putting so goddamn respeck on The Doctor’s name! It was a quite the reprieve from y’all letting the draco spray on the series. Granted, I might stan for the show but y’all roasting it was still hilarious.

    I don’t even need to ask if you niggas saw it: what did y’all think of that last episode of Rick and Morty? That racist cop Morty was so good! And my nigga Evil Morty is all the byke! I think it was a brilliant way to flesh out the multiverse. Also, when they show the 3 newscaster Rick clones with he slowly deteriorating face and eye sliding down their head, am I the only one thought “So is that Sarah Huckabee-Sanders or Steve Bannon?”

    Y’all were spot on about Rick being the most evil character on TV. It wasn’t til y’all mention taking Rick’s rant at the end of season 3 seriously I realized how twisted dude is. He’s completely capitalizing on Beth’s abandonment issue to stay around. Rick openly has said he can replace the entire family if he needs to. Nigga, Willy Wonka Rick uses the feeling of joy from that disgruntled Rick *to fucking flavor cookies!*

    Felix (I’m not calling a dusty grown ass man PewDiePie) being a bigot and the folks jumping on the sword for him made me realize how much sense it makes that Nazis have been using places like 4chan, Reddit, Gamergate, etc as recruiting hubs. Who are better folks to recruit than a bunch of mostly angry white men who think that by virtue of being nerds, they’re a marginalized group? I knew a white dude who tried to recruit me into Gamergate and told me that gamers are a marginalized group of people. He said, “there is even a hashtag full of women and people of color telling folks that they won’t let people use them as a shield to deride this movement as racist and sexist!” I hit them Steve Harvey eyes and told him that’s how I knew they were full of shit: only 4chan thinks “if we have a hashtag full of tokens, we can’t be racist!”

    It’s especially telling since most of these folks detested Felix…until he started speaking greezy about Jewish people. And he said nigger with one of the hardest “-er”s I’ve heard in a minute.

    Sorry the length of this! Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  2. rodimusprime

    It’s ya boi SilverBackSurfer
    Secret Empire was amazing I was half way through before y’all talked about it on the last Nerd Off. That night after i listened to the podcast i was up till two a.m. finishing up the series. I laughed , I cried,I was sleepy as shit the next day at work , and I had no regrets. Secret Empire is a book that made me feel emboldened to not just be trounced upon but to stand up and be vocal even when your in the minority, sorta like TBGWT does….
    Wait Rod do you have a shield laying around the crib, or Karen a well concealed bionic arm?
    Also big up to Kris & D-Palm on the Nick Spencer interactions in regards to both your article and podcast. Great premise, to write the article on. I could definitely see y’all’s work being on Marvel someday soon.

    Couple of questions and recommendations.
    -what did y’all think about the Newish kingpin series, the ending bummed me out. But I think that’s because I forgot no matter what Kingpin is a goon and will crush all in his path.
    -Have y’all ever read a comic with a considerable amount of foreign text? I’m trying to read barrier by the great Brian K (The K is for keep cutting Dem Saga checks) Vaughn. It’s suppose to be his take on illegal immigration. However several panels have been completely Spanish. I think I’m gonna try to keep pushing through the five part series but I keep feeling like I need to pull up Google translate cause I know Brian is prolly dropping knowledge.
    – have y’all been reading any of the Marvel Generations books? These one shot issues bring original iterations of heroes into contact with their eventual successors ie old school wolverine Logan’s and All new Wolverine laura. Laura knows Logan, but he is yet to have met her. The father & daughter moment had me in my feels.
    -destiny 2 what’s y’all favorite loadouts, exotics, and favorite way to level grind?
    Side note to destiny, Aaron I want to tell you for the past week or two you have been my hero on PSN. Every time I start up destiny 2 trying to get raid ready, I see you playing Yakuza Kiwami. I bought Yakuza and have only got to play like one hour. Game is so beautiful on a cultural level. The amount of different character face models is awe inspiring, I would love a black panther game or any black people centered game that gave that level of cultural respect and uniqueness.
    Alright i missed emailing y’all’s show, Im having to scroll to far to see the top of my email which means its time to surf my black ass out.

    P.s. naurato is the shit, when that nigga ran into the bad guys mirror jitsu hahaha.

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Nerd Off crew,

    Man i just started back playing Mafia 3 and man this shit is amazing. I’m ashamed it took me a whole year of owning it to actually play it. I bought Mafia 3 and 2K at the same time and ended up playing 2K.

    Rod, you were right. This racism is so damn good! i’m not that far into the game but that damn racist roller coaster bout took me out. That was my “goddamn this shit is racist!” moment. I don’t know what the hell made 2K decide to make this game but they had some guts to put this game out. my only beef with the game and it’s common across a lot of video games is the character’s hair. I hate when they essentially put white people hair on black characters. If the 2K basketball game can figure it out, including Kevin Durant’s terrible ass hair i know the mafia 3 folks could’ve done better.

    I guess this falls under Nerd Off but did anybody see that Bruce Lee movie? Birth of a Dragon? if you haven’t already, then don’t. that shit was TURRIBLE, Kenny *Charles Barkley voice*. They managed to make a movie about Bruce Lee about a fucking white man. I would’ve walked out the theater if i hadn’t gone to the expensive ass black luxury theater. I ordered 3 carafes of sangria to get me through it.

    That Jackie Chan movie that’s coming out looks lit as fuck. Liam Neeson better watch his back! Jackie is reclaiming the old nigga kicking ass throne!

    Aight that’s all i got.


  4. csick

    I’ve been reading a bunch of articles that say that ReCore definitive is a free upgrade for existing owners, so are you sure they’re charging for it again?

  5. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Karen, Kris & Aaron –

    First: I love the TNO, I’ve gotten so many great recommendations for comics, games, shows and movies from you over the years. Like: without ya’ll I wouldn’t know about Rick & Morty, Saga or Uber.

    Speaking of Rick & Morty, I think Rick is worse than evil, I think he just doesn’t value people as he’s so much smarter than everyone else AND he can travel to infinite realities, so if someone dies he can just go to a reality where they’re alive. Basically: he views people as easily replaceable ants. Either way, evil or not, it’s an amazing show. I mean, Ric trolled the fucking devil, and then beat his ass.

    Mass Effect Andromeda: I agree with you Rod that race and diversity was an issue. There are SO many YouTube videos where people are claiming SJW ruined the game, and comments sections are full of idiots saying stuff like game is terrible because of Cora’s haircut, Suvi being a lesbian, side missions where all the humans are people of color, and the fact that there isn’t a white man in a position of authority. The real damage here, will be if other game developers are influenced by this and shy away from diversity.

    I also think a lot of these people are lying, because they’ll trash the game, then say the graphics are great, the combat is amazing and then list the storylines they want to see explored in DLC or sequels, and now that the DLC is canceled they’re disappointed and upset. How is a game trash if you liked the combat and were engaged enough with the story to want DLC?

    That being said, I also think some people got overwhelmed by all the content, and the story was more subtle and complex than the prior games. It wasn’t just “the collectors are snatching your people up, go stop them”. People forget that ME2’s main story is pretty thin, and you’re mostly just doing loyalty missions that have nothing to do with the main story.

    Either way, it’s a shame, because Andromeda is a great game. I went back and tried to play ME2 and ME3 after playing this game for a few months, and everyone felt like it was at ½ speed compared to Andromeda.

    Speaking of stuff people are hating for no reason: the Defenders is flames. It’s easily better than the first two season of Daredevil in my opinion. It’s just eight episodes of wall to wall action, and it does a better job of explaining who the Hand are and what they want then season two of Daredevil.

    Finn Jones is awful in this role, I laughed my ass when Sigourney Weaver’s character called him the dumbest Iron Fist ever.

    Anyway, thanks for putting on a great show

  6. Amani

    7 hours of Nerd Off in one weekend? When do you sleep?!

    Nigga! Give Nick Spencer all my money! That Secret Empire run was greatness. And now that it’s over I don’t want to hear shit from anybody who isn’t starting the conversation with Sam. If you don’t see how they elevated him this whole run and gave us everything they could have asked for, you either weren’t reading or just determined to die with the lie. These must be the same folks that want Obama to come back and start running the country after they shitted on him for 8 years. I thought Magneto was gonna be Hydra? I thought Sam wasn’t gonna matter anymore, man miss me with all that!

    And Y’all remember when Karen was claiming she wasn’t a nerd? That gaming rant she went on last episode was just muah! Between her and Shanna coming through on that comic book y’all out here changing the world!

    P.S. I know she’s not gonna do it. I know this, but nigga what IF Ava takes over for Star Wars? What if…

    • Amani

      Didn’t even make it to the show before Kathleen the GAWD laid down the hammer. I need all of these whiny sexists shut the fuck up like she didn’t have a Hall of Fame resume before she even gave you two straight hits on Star Wars!

  7. theBaconzilla

    Rod, Karen, Lashonda and Shanna

    YALL JUST VALIDATED YEARS OF MY LIFE!! I swear i thought i was the only one who loved AVP. That movie is nothing but Black lady excellence! YES!!!

    Folks will definitely try and give you the secret formula for watching Dr. Who, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all just personal preference. I think you may get a kick out of it. It’s silly sci-fi fun with a rabid fandom.

    Sad to hear about Andromeda but you already know my thoughts on it. LOL

    Now that I know I’m not the only one who likes AVP I can handle the upcoming apocalypse

    – Bacon

  8. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, Kriss, & Aaron:

    I normally don’t condone profiling, and I know Alamo Drafthouse is trolling, but a “clowns only” showing of IT?! LOCK UP ANYONE WHO SHOWS UP!!! The movie is gonna be good an creepy enough without the additional clown cosplay. Those bastards are a menace and should be quarantined from the rest of us!

    Seriously though, I love TNO and all the premium shows. Thanks for the great shows and keep it up!


  9. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Kriss, Aaron, and (maybe?) Queen Karen,

    I’ve been a premium subscriber for some time now, but haven’t written in before I don’t think. I had to comment on this episode though because y’all were talking about my beloved Mass Effect. Specifically, I know a little about why the studio canceled all planned DLC for Andromeda.

    I’m in a fairly high end WoW raiding guild. Half of the guild are Canadians (two guilds merged a while before I got there, but the Canuck Contingent remain) and two of them actually work at Bioware in Calgary. They’ve both worked on ME3, DA:I, and ME:A. Essentially what they told us happened was when Bioware was planning Andromeda, the majority of the development didn’t happen at the Calgary HQ. Bioware had recently acquired a smaller studio (can’t remember the name) in Montreal and, for some reason, gave them the bulk of the development responsibilities.

    This was a bad decision for a few reasons. First, there’s the obvious cultural and language differences which according to my friends were a real problem. The Montreal studio sort of developed their own vision from the guidelines they were given and ran with that. They got input from Calgary, but the team out there was already working on Anthem (which I think they started working on in like 2011). Secondly, the team in Montreal was pretty new. They hadn’t worked on a project this big ever, so to give them the lion’s share of the responsibilities when the experienced team had all been pulled to work on other marquee titles was kind of irresponsible. Currently though, and maybe due to the problems during the development, most of the team that made up the Montreal studio have left Bioware entirely and are working at other studios. I heard the relationship between the two sites was strained, to say the least due to all the problems at launch and a bunch of people just said fuck it and they left. So now that the team that was responsible for developing all DLC content for the game is gone, and Bioware is focusing on Anthem and the next Dragon Age game, they just decided to scrap it all together.

    That really sucks because I was REALLY looking forward to finding out what happened to the Quarian Ark, and generally getting more into this new corner of the universe. There were some great stories already told, and I feel like even more were waiting to be told. I guess we have to wait for the next game in the series…whenever that is since Anthem is next year and DA is probably in 2020.

    Sorry to make this long. I really, really, really love all the premium shows. One more question, Rod (or Kriss, Aaron, or Karen) have you ever played WoW? Just curious. I’m one of two black chicks in my guild and as far as I know we are the only ones that play haha. I have a night elf hunter and there are some nice parallels between the plight of the night elves in WoW and minorities in America, although that analogy probably works better for orcs or trolls. Anyways, sorry this is long. Keep up the good work!

    For the Alliance :)!


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