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1518: TBGWT Day 2017

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Black love is so beautiful!

    I was wondering if Impossible White Man Jay could check in to make sure she’s still alive since she said she was going to that kidnapping experience. I’m curious to know what happened. Not curious enough to do it myself but hoping she’ll write or call in to let us know she’s safe.

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    Rod and Karen….Oprah and the Oliver’s should have you two on future episodes of Black Love on OWN!
    I wish you guys blessings, laughter, wine, crackers, and video games for another 1500 years! #IStayRootingForBlackLove

  3. cjphrek

    Thank you for being such an awesome couple! You two are maintaining such a great space for black people and our diversity, our joy and our pain. We’re all going through something but you two always bring out the happiness no matter how weird it can get!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, I also got married to my college sweetheart a year out if college at the Justice of the Peace. We were so young, dumb, and in love with each other. We literally stayed together until the wheels fell off. We separated in 2015 and now I’m a divorced 44 year old. I tell my daughters to live on their own and wait until they get married and not be as young as their parents. I’m literally starting my life alone for the first time and it’s hard because I went from my family’s home to my man’s crib. I wouldn’t change a thing, but I do want to be a lesson. Thanks for sharing your anniversary with us.

  5. Anonymous

    Aww, y’all so cute in the matching outfits. #blacklove #relationshipgoals

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