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BDS 222: The Sassy Summer Of Kevin Durant

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, fantasy football, NFL Pick’em, Mayweather-McGregor, Kaep getting stuff added to BLM collection, KD won’t go to white house, Kraft gives Trump a ring, Steve Kerr, Westbrook style book, Goodell, NFLPA president, Red Sox owner ways no to racist street, Sean Smith assault charge, Noel, Wiggins cut agent, Robert Lee, La La Anthony, Rousey got married, Bogut, De La Hoya, Wade partying with Bolt, Mike Vick got a job, Ezekiel Elliott investigation, Pete Rose fired, Morris Twins going to court, Jerry Jones on flag protests, Stay Home Lebron, Del Rio on Sean Smith, Tiger Woods hacked, Wade, Ronnie 2K, Rudy Gobert gets the last laugh, Mayweather, Dante Fowler, Winston jersey sales, Chris Long, Mayweather mad Bieber unfollowed him, Isaiah Thomas, sports freakout, Ginobili re-signs, Paul Pierce wax figure, Sage Steele, Magic tampering, Art Briles fired, Cardi B shouts out Kaepernick, Anthony Morrow profiled by cops, Sergio De Silva robs bank, Khloe Kardashian off birth control, Rodgers on Kaepernick, LaMelo’s shoes, Victor Oladipo sings, Jonathan Simmons rescued in Houston, Zach Randolph, Lebron’s future, Sharapova, Serena in labor, KD being petty, BSO almost gets Rod hacked, Dez Bryant, Romo misses broadcast, Ball in the Family, Burfict, NBA 2k cover, Kobe bday and Jaime Foxx spoofs Stephen A.

Link to Pigskin Pick ‘Em: http://games.espn.com/nfl-pigskin-pickem/2017/en/group?groupID=66993

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  1. DeonBmore

    What’s up Rod & J-ESPN

    Free Jemele Hill. It’s sad but not surprising that as a black woman you can get in trouble and have a bullshit apology sent out on your behalf for telling the truth. No matter how talented or successful you are you still have to deal with the foolishness. Having to navigate white dominated environments all the time is very draining mentally. Hopefully Jemele comes out on the other side of this mostly unscathed (if that is even possible) but when is it enough? Whatever happens I hope that she continues to let her voice be heard, her perspective is one that is sorely needed.

    ESPN seems as if they want to have it both ways, which as a corporation I guess is to be expected. But you can’t pat yourself on the back for all of this diversity, ESPN Deportes, ESPNW, etc but then try to make sure that you don’t upset the racist/homophobic/trans-phobic ass fans. Fuck them.

  2. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Jaria Sharapova. This Bitch…I cannot believe she had the nerve with her 6 ft 2 ass to write in her book that Serena was big and scary. She’s a smooth 5 inches taller than Serena, but had the nerve to paint her as the fucking Incredible Hulk. We see right through you, bitch! And who let her name her “memoir”
    Unstoppable? If we’re keeping it real, it really seems like a biography about Serena as much as she mentions her. Anyway, the only thing unstoppable about her is the white privilege, so I assume that’s what she was eluding to, cuz ain’t a damn thing unstoppable about her tennis game. Roids couldn’t even help. I saw an interview with her on the view, and Joy Behar started the interview saying something like. “you talk about the so-called doping scandal” Then they went on to basically defend her because hey… it wasn’t always illegal, and she had been taking it and then suddenly she got an email that said it was illegal. They were really the fuck in formation defending her. “so called” my ass. The heffa tried to cheat, and she failed miserably. They really acted like she was just some misunderstood person. It was trash. Anyway. Hope you guys had a good week. Smooches!

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Jay Doptis

    Sometimes you gotta call a nigger out when you see a nigger doing niggling shit.


    I’ll keep this quick.

    So week one of the NFL and who would you say is smiling harder…

    1. Rodger Goodell looking at that scoreboard in New England after getting boo’d?
    2. Hoteps looking at the drop in NFL ratings?
    3. Odell Beckham after the Giants scoring only 3 points?
    4. An IG Star giving Antonio Cromartie the leg lock?

    Welcome Back Guys!


  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Sharapova

    With Serena finally out, Maria just knew she was finally gonna get to steal some headlines and go on a run again. I think the fuck not! Serena made sure she had that baby had dropped the doper off the front pages. Just royal shade.

    Speaking of petty, this is the KD I always wanted!! That cupcake shit ain’t cute no more when he’s clapping back is it? Ask him his nickname now, he might tell you that Servant shit is terrible! Come through Slim Reaper! I’m just waiting for him to go on Draymond’s podcast and say Steve Kerr needs to shut the fuck up because they’ll win without him.

    And as hard as it is for me to say… I agree with Justin on that Robert Lee story. It’s like that Chappelle show joke, if I have a waiter named Niggar, I’m gonna put him on a different table than the Black family just to be safe. Besides the main reason the story blew up in the first place was that racist piece of trash Clay Travis trying to use it to frame Asians as the victims of ESPN being pro-Black. Anything he supports I’m going the other way on principle.

    Alright fellas appreciate the dope show as always. Even with Dat Tal trying to give Rod a virus!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks again for another great show. At least I saved $100 bucks on the Mayweahter v. McGregor fight. Side note, on Michael Bennett getting arrested. PD has him detained on the ground. With weapons drawn. Thanks to cellphone and body cameras, this sort of thing with players is becoming redundant. Whether it’s Thabo Sefolosha having his leg broken by police tackling or James Blake being manhandled. It’s too much.
    Even if guys have money, its as if they are being punished for having money. I searched online to see if such a thing happened on team ITWAN. Most of the reports are overseas. Like Mike said, maybe we should cut our hair to solve these escalated police interactions. To heck with that!
    Thanks again guys,

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